Raising Awareness


Making memories charity ball

We smashed it, 200 freinds an amazing night and .£9000 raised with pledges nd £ matching hopng to get to £15000. Few pictures xxx


That is one amazing amount of money raised @Highkaren

You must still be on cloud nine and rightly so! Terrific effort!

Loads of love,

Karen xxx

P.s. Although I've seen these photos, it's so lovely to see them again! You look stunning! What a memory for you all!

terri m

Hi @Highkaren. What beautiful memories they are.. You look fantastic.. Well done to raising all that money xxx💝


That's an amazing achievement and looks like you had a great time in the process. You look beautiful and should be very very proud :x::x::x:


Hello @Highkaren fantastical achievement..........well done...........Donald Where's Yir Troosers....Och Aye have a wee dram hen....lolx


WOW!!!! That is fantastic, and don`t you all look gorgeous!!!! :x::x::x:

Bear G

Amazing photos, amazing event and amazing fundraising!
Congratulations @Highkaren
And belated happy birthday!


Congratulations @Highkaren . What an amazing event. And fantastic photos.


Wow, it looks like you had a great evening @Highkaren - you looked gorgeous 😄 and what amazing amount of money you raised. :x::x::x:


You look lovely @Highkaren, very glam indeed! Great pictures and a fantastic amount raised! :x::x:


@Highkaren. Wow what an incredible amount of money to raise! Well done you.....fab photos too :x::x::x:


Love the cake and the kilts - looks like yu had a great night - congratulations


Just amazing @Highkaren well done fantastic amount you have raised You look fab lovely pics :x::x:


Wow @Highkaren amazing thing to do. Thanks for sharing :x::x: