When bowel cancer returns

Ruth c

Anyone else reoccurrence in lung

Was stage 3 surgery removed it and chemo finished , Had a fantastic 2 years all clear on follow up found one small nodule on left lung quite central so unable to have wedge taken . At this stage not known if reoccurrence or new lung cancer so had lower lobectomy, 3 weeks ago recovering well but histology now shows was reoccurrence of original bowel cancer. Does anyone know if staging changes on reoccuance ? Would like to hear if anyone in same boat as me xx regards


Hi @Ruth c I had similar. I was offered and underwent 6 months of chemo after the lung resection - but the oncologists stressed that there was little clinical evidence to show that the chemo was essential.
Am now 30 months post the chemo - so far no further metastasis.
As far as I understand it, metastasis makes the cancer stage 4 - but see what the nurse says, as I see you’ve asked.
Best of luck with whatever is next for you.

Ruth c

Than you :x:


@Ruth c just tagging a few people for you @Jorton @mem @John2628 @Gypsy

My hubby had a lung met on diagnosis so not a recurrence, but his was successfully treated with a basal segmentectomy last November. It sounds like you have a great team, that acted quickly :x::x::x:

Ruth c

Oh I hope so thank you for giving me hope x fabulous about your husband

Quote from @Ruth c:
Oh I hope so thank you for giving me hope x fabulous about your husband

There are lots of people that have been successfully treated for lung mets, hang on in there you are doing brilliantly, big hugs :x::x::x:


Hi there,
I am another member of the single lung mets gang although I cleverly went for the 'buy one get one free' option of a single liver met as well. They appeared after being successfully operated on for rectal tumour in 2011 and signalled their unwelcome presence on my first annual follow up scans. Both were successfully removed in 2012 and have been NED for 6 years now!
Great to read that your recovery is going well- good on you! Mine went fine too and not even aware of the bit that has gone.
Take heart!
Love Gypsyxx

Ruth c

@Gypsy how wonderful that has made me feel so good when I was feeling down, I have every hope now I’ve heard about those other people thank you so much xxx great news about you too :x::x:


Hi, @Ruth c, another lungy here too 👋🏻 (thanks for the tag @charleyb). It's great to hear you have now had your nodule removed, sounds like you've had a really positive experience in relation to treatment and its good to hear you are recovering well too. I was diagnosed in 2015 with lung metastasis, and to date have had three lung resections (2 wedge and 1 segmentectomy) and 2 ablations (RFA and MWA) and things are now currently stable, which is very happy news indeed!
I hope your recovery continues to go well for you and here to this being your one and only lung experience!
Lots of love :x::x:

Ruth c

Thank you and the very best with yours now being stable :x:


Three nodules were identified in Sept 2015 and I was resected 2 years ago with 6 months post operative chemo. I wasn't given any chemo post my bowel resection as it was only Stage 1 with no node infection.

Just waiting for my next lung scan

Bear G

Hi @Ruth c
I was just going to suggest you looked at a post on the nurse area about some aging for recurrence but then realised she was replying to you!
Hope you’re doing ok now


Rectal cancer in 2015, had radiation , chemo and surgery to remove tumor. Everything went well until now, they have found 4 spots in my right lung with the largest being 25mm . Is there any hope? Feeling lost!


Hi @martin391 I have lung mets, op to remove 2 on left and waiting op for 2 on right lung. There are a number of treatments that can be used on the lung depending on the number and position of mets. Quite often they like to chemo first and then reassess. If you look on the BBC website lung mets section it outlines the different treatments. @mem has had a few lung treatments and may be able to help with any questions you have ( hope you don't mind the tag @mem xx ). You can also use the spy glass to search for other threads about lung mets that may also help. My mets appeared a year after original tumour, and at the time I had 5 across both lungs, they are still keen to treat me and remove the nasty beasts - there is a lot more they can do to treat these days 😊 :x::x::x::x::x:


Hi from me too @martin391 and I'm sorry to hear about the recurrence in your lung.
I have had Radiofrequency ablation, Microwave ablation and 3 resections (wedges and a segmentectomy) so If there is anything you would like to know, then please just give us a shout and we will try to help/support/advise you, wherever we can. Try to remain hopeful; like Polly68 has said, there are a lot of positive treatments available for lung metastasis these days, and you're now amongst a fantastic bunch of people on here too.
Best wishes to you going forward, and If ok, please keep us posted with how you are getting on. :x::x:

P.s. Of course, I don’t mind the tag @Polly68 ☺️.:x::x:


Hi @mem & @Ruth c, hope you don't mind me joining in. My hubby has just had a right lung resection on 2 nodules and is due another one on is left in 4 weeks for 1 nodule. We thought that would be it and he would start scans every 4 months. But the surgeon casually dropped in to the conversation they would check his glands around his lungs but we won't get the results until September and he may then have chemo if they're infected. Do you know if this is likely? Have you had any problems with glands being infected around the lungs? Thank you in advance! :x::x::x:
@Ruth c, just to say my hubby had open lung resections last Monday, 2nd July and he has some residual discomfort but is already walking miles every day. The recovery seems far quicker than his original bowel op. :x::x::x:

Ruth c

Hi @Elizabeth1968 I’ve no knowledge of that about glands but I’m so very pleased hubby is doing well the recovery for me was fast too i had scan sept 18 and whilst clear everywhere else they found a small lesion in my liver the surgeon said I was suitable fur a resection in December thank fully just waiting now . Please keep me up to date with how your hubby is doing I’m pleased his recovery going well