Life beyond bowel cancer


Anyone smoke?

Hiya, just wondered if any of you lovely people have the odd cigarette ? And, if so, do you feel guilty?:x::x:

Bear G

I’ve never been a smoker but I do indulge in my cakes! I know that reducing sugar makes sense but I swear the cakes are therapeutic for me 🤔

With everything you’ve been through and dealt with you’re entitlyto some ‘sins’ @angepange
If you said you were smoking 60 a day I’d be worried but if the ‘odd cigarette ‘ makes you smile then I say do it and enjoy it - no guilt!!



Thanks @Bear G , I am going to try not to do it anymore, but if one passes my lips a couple of times a year I will take your advice and not feel too guilty. And, of course cakes are therapeutic!!:x::x:


I vape. Gave up cigarettes 4 years ago. My vape keeps me sane and off the fags. Mentioned it to my oncologist who said she didn’t care about it so I’m carrying on :x::x:


Hi @angepange. Yes, I'm one of the smoking lepers, but wish I had the willpower not to be! Have tried patches (allergic to the adhesive), Champix ( made me suicidal, which is not me at all) and hypnotherapy ( worked well for about 2 months, then I just felt sad all the time). My oncologist pooh-poohed me when I lamented that my lung mets were probably a result of my smoking. It's just a bloody bad habit, since I hate the smell on my clothes, in my hair, in my mouth, but I think it keeps me somewhat sane ( others would disagree about my sanity!). Am trying to cut down but, in the end, I figure I'm dying anyway (according to the medical profession, not me), so I may as well go out with my sanity intact. :x::x:


I am 63 and had smoked since the age of 13! I stopped 18 months ago the night before my Ileostomy. Not smoked since and don’t feel the need but I do vape. It is a vile habit and very hard to break for some people. :x:


Just as for @terri m , I was a 20/day smoker and a lot more if there was a party, right up until my main op and ileostomy.
Mentally, I was already getting myself ready not to be able to walk outside to smoke while recovering from that major operation in hospital.
But I was able to make myself move. And sit up as much as I could.
But never got any urges to smoke and never did again ever since, since over 6 years ago.

paul scott

Never smoked, never fancied it. My brother-in-law used to smoke like a chimney stack, but swears by one of those electronic cigarettes. He seems better for it and it's certainly much more pleasant for us.
I do appreciate how hard it can be to give it up though.


Yes from the age of 15-23 and I enjoyed it. I'm 37 next month and was diagnosed last April. Yes I did drink too, I do blame myself but as you've probably read before my mum has been a raving alcoholic since I was tiny and smoked 20/30 a day....shes 74 and has copd not cancer!!!!! My dad's side has shit genes so it prob came from that. My dad and aunt didn't drink or smoke probably because they were privvy to that info. I am telling my kids not to go wild like I did when I was young. I am not a fan of smoking generally, I think it's a bit smelly, un cool and old fashioned now but that's just my opinion. I don't like the way you can see wrinkles round the lips on ladies 😁.


Me and hubby both smoked loads in our younger years and thru uni, Charlie then smoked on and off socially when i met him 7 yrs ago. I`ve never touched one since i stopped back in 2003 mostly due to two pregnancies, and since Charlie found out he had cancer he has vowed not to have another. However i`d be interested to see if he sticks to that on a night out with the boys. When he had lung surgery he specifically asked if you could tell from his lungs that he had been a smoker and still has the odd one, and the answer was no, the lungs looked good (apart from a blimin tumour hiding at the bottom of the left one!!!)
His vice is alcohol, not in extreme but he likes a drink at the weekends, and if there is a bottle of whiskey he has trouble controlling himself.
Charlie was so fit and healthy, gym goer, healthy eating when he was diagnosed that i truely believe the odd vice is not going to affect much. I follow a lovely lady on FB that was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, she beat it and changed her lifestyle to completely raw vegan, no sugar, no dairy, no alcohol, no fun etc...... bless her heart her cancer returned only 3 months later. I`m not saying don`t get healthy or change your lifestyle but everything in moderation, there has got to be some enjoyment in life i say :) :x::x::x:


I gave up in 2006, then had lots of issues with diabetic complications and i started again in 2010. I hgave up the day before i started radiotherapy, in 2013 - personal decision as i felt guilty about undergoing expensive treatment for cancer whilst smoking.
Equally though i understand how it wpuld keep many people sane. Id never condine anyone for doing it, just not near me - since chemo the smell makes me feel unwell..🤭


No never have, grew up with parents who were heavy smokers and none of my three siblings have ever smoked either
The smell is awful


Used to smoke few years ago but packed up couldn't stand the smell plus we had a wood burner and lived abroad. ciggies was very cheap at £1.80 a packet.

Hate walking passed people smoking what a horrible Smell. I don't miss it but i think my wife would like one every now and again, but i have not forced her to pack it up.



I smoked for over 30 yrs Not heavily but in September 2010 I got a cold which became a chest infection Then pleurisy It was so frightening my lungs were really congested like someone had filled them with treacle I could not breathe I ended up in hospital for four days on a nebuliser Oxygen and Iv Antibiotics
I have never had a cigarette since and rather than going in the garage for every smoke John packed up as well ...which probably saved his life because he had an accident the following year a serious head injury..was in a coma and the Doctors said he would never recover
He survived his coma with a serious chest infection caused by inhaling vomit when he was unconscious but the Doctor did their magic and he survived and Im sure that being a non-smoker helped
His breathing was laboured but I feel if he had still been a smoker he would never have recovered so well and so quickly.
He still has memory problems and gets very tired quickly
Then he got a pain in his bum ! . . .


Hi all, was looking for stories of people who maybe advocate having the odd cigarette or two, there’s so many who don’t smoke these days. I hadn’t smoked for 21 years and had the odd one or two last year.:x::x:

Bear G

Hey @angepange
I’m no advocate of smoking but after all you’ve been through I really think this falls under ‘a bit of what you fancy does you good’!
Just make sure it’s only occasional and then really enjoy it!!


Hahaha! Thanks @Bear G .:x::x:


My wife and I both smoked but stopped after her diagnosis, seemed a bit hypocritical to continue while having treatment. We have put the money away we would have spent and hope to book a cruise after her six months of capox treatment. Must say sometimes when having a bad day it would be easy to light up.

gemd281280 (Essex )

Hi @angepange , i was a smoker and vowed to give up after my operation. When I say smoker maximum 5 per day. I managed 3 weeks post op with no cigarettes and now have the odd ( sneaky one as 9/10 of my friends family believe I've stopped completely ) I feel terribly guilty each time I do ( I can go days without then have 3 in 1 day )
I believe as someone said above a "little" of what you like is ok 😍🙊


Ah @gemd281280 (Essex ) , I know what you mean about guilty! I think that’s why I started this thread, to make me feel less guilty by knowing other people had a sneaky one too! I was doing it about once every month or two when I go out with friends. I’ve tried to make a New Years resolution, we ll see how that goes!😊:x::x::x: