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Dear all, I hope someone can give me some honest and brutal answers. My husband has had stage 4 bowel cancer (mets to liver and lung) since Oct 2015. Recently he has had ascites (swelling in stomach) and over a fortnight, 2 sessions of draining (8 litres of fluid each time). Doc has told us chemo is no longer working. Kevin won’t ask about timescales, but I’m going out of my mind.

Will the doctor tell me if I ask?
What are the timescales once ascites starts?
Is there a standard progression into jaundice etc?

I would feel so much better if I was prepared, I’m ruining our relationship by worrying so much.

Thank you :x::x:


Hi @Baloo

I'm sorry to read your post and the turmoil you're in at the moment. As I think you'll guess, I don't have the answers you're seeking and the best person to help would most likely be his oncologist.

I want to send you loads of love,



@Baloo. I am so sorry to hear that chemo is no longer working for your husband. I think that the brutal answer is that they can't tell you when and how. Everybody is so different and bodies don't always act in the same way. I think that you could speak to your doctor and they may give you an indication but I think that the best way forward would be to plan some lovely things to do together. Enjoy whatever time you have left one way or the other. Positivity and happiness can help towards making the time you have left much more enjoyable. I know it's so hard not knowing but none of us really know what is around the corner. You have some time, however long it may be, try if you can to make some long lasting memories. Again I am so sorry but I don't think anyone will be able to answer your question definitively.

Thinking of you both. Tiffany :x::x:


Thank you ladies. :x::x: