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Awaiting CT and MRI results

Following blood in his stools, my dad had a colonoscopy 3 weeks ago and the consultant saw a tumour in his colon. He since had a CT and MRI scan approximately one week ago. We had to chase up the results and his GP surgery kindly offered to contact the consultant’s secretary. His secretary called today to say the consultant has made an appointment to see him at 10am on Sunday. I’m just worried that the appointment is on a Sunday because it’s bad news!


There does not seem to be weekends and evenings in hospitals nowadays Weve had appointments at 6:45 pm ,Scans on Sundays Consultations at weekends I think they work all the hours they possibly can to keep the Waiting and Worrying times down to a minimum
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Hi @kerry and welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry you're in this horrible worrying limbo period. I remember it all to well. I'm sure there's little we can say to reassure you BUT, as @KatieR said, many hospitals are doing weekend clinics and procedures to keep waiting times within the timescales and targets.

Perhaps an important thing to do before Sunday is to take a look at the downloadable booklets and compile a list of questions in a notebook. Make sure your dad has someone with him who can actively listen, contribute if neccesary and take notes.

Wishing you and dad all the best for Sunday



Hi @kerry I had my MRI scan on a Sunday and had the exact same thoughts, omg a Sunday !! Why !! but apparently that’s how hospital appointments work now 7 days a week. Wishing you and your Dad all the very best :x::x:


Hi @kerry had a Sunday scan as routine don't worry. Wishing your dad all the best :x::x::x:


Hi hubby had his ct scan on a Sunday as well,think it’s to help with backlogs etc..hope all goes well

Yvonne. :x:


Thanks for your support everyone. :x: