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xelox chemo

Hi am new here, partner has lynch syndrome, colon cancer 2007, small bowel cancer last September.. lynch cancer detected a month ago in abdomen this time incurable, starting xelox end of May, just hoping works well to shrink so can have radio therapy, would be good to hear about others stories regarding this many thanks :x:


Hi @lis how is your partner going with the treatment? I hope all is going good. I start xelox next week, I’ve had the xeloda before but not the IV infusion. Keep well :)


Good morning @lis

I'm so sorry but I've missed your post on the forum and I'm sorry about that!

Anyway, I want to welcome you to this lovely forum family! I'm sure you'll find lots of support, friendship, advice and information here.

I'm so sorry to read about your partners diagnosis but it's great to see he's started back on chemo to tackle the cancer!

I'm sure there will be others along soon to say hello and share their experiences.

Sending all my very best wishes to you both!