Stage 4 bowel cancer


Taking a leap of faith Updated 6th June 18

Hello all, thank you for your kind words and support since i started my journey last April 2017. I have been deemed both incurable and inoperable. I have been on a gruelling 2-weekly chemo cycle for 9 months which has left me hospitalised on many occasions.
However, despite several rejections for hipec including from the Christies I have now been offered surgery with the potential of hipec. Basically im being opened up to see if hipec is possible and if so they will perform it there and then and if not they will close me up again. However, i have been advised that i could potentially end up with a worse prognosis after surgery than before. However, im hoping that the surgery will give a positive outcome with hipec and give me a few years instead of months. As a single parent i need to be around for as long as possible for my children and really hope this surgery will give me this.
Ill have surgery at the end of next week and hope my gamble and leap of faith leave me with a better prognosis after surgery than the one i have been afforded before surgery.
I am scared but trying to be brave and above all hoping that all works out . I would welcome any encouragement and positivity. Thank you

UPDATE: Operation has been bought forward to this Thursday 17th May. Very much in shock as was hoping to spend some more quality time with my children. Instead start the dreaded prep tomorrow and Admission 7am Thursday - mind gone blank which i dont know is a good or bad thing . What is worse is that i have also found out that both my children under age for the wards and ICU's visiting rules so dont know how ill or they will cope as its just been me and my children for last 7 years. Didnt think anything could feel worse than op but hopefully facetime might be the answer reception pending
Update 6th June
Just to let you all know that I am home now and on slow path of recovery. Really struggling with keeping anything down.
Will not know outcome until 6 weeks so got everything crossed .
I would like to thank @HH79 for updating you all whilst i was in hospital and most importantly can i say i am truly amazed and most humbled by all your messages of support. Your are such a wonderful forum of people and i cannot express my gratitude enough for all your kind words and encouragement. Thank you all :x::x::x:


Oh @KatieR and @Wren17 using my ginger and honey herbal tea does help settle my tummy during chemotherapy :x::x::x:


Glad its helped you @GD62 thanks for tip @KatieR


Fingers crossed for your six week update :x:


Hi @Wren17 yes sending lots of love and let us know. Hope the anti biotics have sorted things too :x::x:


How are you doing @Wren17 ?:x::x:


Hi @HH79 and @angepange im still suffering from infection i caught post surgery in hospital. Currently on 5th set antibiotics but its proving difficult to get rid of and is taking its toll - feeling rather fed-up with it all now :x::x:


I’m so sorry to hear this @Wren17 . Wishing you all the best going forward.:x::x:


Oh that's rotten news @Wren17

I really hope they can get it sorted for you and soon!!
Sending loads of love,



Sorry to hear you are suffering from an infection @Wren17. I really do hope the 5th round of antIbots does the trick and you start to recover soon. Sending a big hug your way :x::x:


Hope your infection is clearly now @Wren17 - my brother is currently suffering from cellulitis in his leg (the one which has lymphedema from the radiotherapy damage to lymph nodes, not to mention the bone met) and so he too is also on antibiotics at the moment and has been all this week and part of last week. I keep telling him that they should be giving them to him intravenously in hospital rather than sending him away to take them orally at home, but they won't so far. Do push the hospital if you feel yours isn't going away.


Thank you both @mem and CD1966 and hope your brother feels better soon :x::x:


Hi @Wren17 Hope you get well soon xxx :)


Hi @Wren17 really hope you get well soon big hugs :x::x::x:


Hi @Wren17 hope the infection ha# now cleared and you are out and about. Fingers crossed :x::x:


Hi@Bridget55, the infection has finally cleared thank you. Struggling at the moment with back pain and waiting to get results from mri scan. Hope you are keeping well :x::x:


That's so good to hear @Wren17!

I hope you're not feeling too disheartened and remember it takes about 6 months to recover from the surgery you've had. It did take me a full 5 months to feel pretty normal again!

Keep up the good work and best wishes for your mri Scan results!

Loads of love,