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Sarah Morgan

Husband’s liver resection on Tues

My husband’s liver resection for 2 liver mets is on Tuesday. The surgeon advised they are hoping it will be keyhole surgery. Any experiences of this & what to expect in terms of recovery etc? Thank you.


Oh no @Sarah Morgan !

Fine for Ian, he will be out of it for ages, but you will be shattered. Look after yourself :x:


It is always worse for the relative @Sarah Morgan/ the waiting seems an eternity. Make sure you look after yourself as well. Sending hugs :x::x::x:


@Sarah Morgan - thinking of you both - hope all goes well :x::x::x::x:


Sending you hugs and fingers crossed all goes well :x::x::x:


Positive healing and good luck :x::x::x:

Sarah Morgan

Still waiting to hear. Not really sure what time Ian went to theatre but it’s feeling like an eternity 😞

Polly 1

I hope you have heard now @Sarah Morgan. Its a horrible long day just waiting isnt it :x:

Sarah Morgan

Ian’s surgeon called me about 8.30 last night to say it was a tricky op but it went well & they did keyhole 🙂


Great news @Sarah Morgan . Hope you managed a decent night's sleep. :x:


Good news @ Sarah Morgan :x::x:


Great news @Sarah Morgan

Best wishes for his continued recover



Hope you find him ok today @ Sarah Morgan. :x::x:


Hi @Sarah Morgan hope your husband is recovering well. I had the entire right lobe of my liver and my gall bladder removed by keyhole surgery. I was out of hospital in five days and practically back to normal after two weeks. X.

Sarah Morgan

Thank you all. It was lovely to log back in & see all your messages.
Visited Ian this afternoon & he was a lot better than I expected him to be & looked a lot better than after his hernia op!

Sarah Morgan

Ian is struggling with sickness following his surgery on Tuesday but he’s had his drain & last IV out today & he may be discharged Monday 😊

Bear G

Hi @Sarah Morgan
So glad Ian’s op went well and fingers crossed he’ll be home on Monday!
Sickness can happen after these ops, his body’s been through a lot, but if they were worried they wouldn’t be talking about sending him home
Big hugs

Sarah Morgan

Thanks @Bear G. Post-op recovery every time is a rollercoaster ride for Ian. They thought there might be bile in the drain yesterday but this morning the drain was out & his last IV removed!! There’s also an infection outbreak on the ward he’s on so need to get him home ASAP :x::x::x:

El Ivan

Hi @Sarah Morgan it’s not too much of a worry having bile within the drain as on my last Liver resection at the end of January the drain had to be left in for about 6 weeks as I was passing approximately 150-200ml of bile per 24 hours. It’s certainly better out than left in the cavity to cause problems, even though the wound drains are a damn nuisance!