Stage 4 bowel cancer


Scan results

CLEAR!!! Wooo hooo take that stage 4!!!!

After a pretty horrendous couple of weeks following mop up chemo we were certain that the cancer had returned, But today we have been given a clear scan!!! Cea is back to 1 after a little increase during chemo.
I can not put into words how relieved and blessed we feel.
Now I need to get him back up to fighting weight and feeling better!!! Love to you all :x::x::x::x::x:




So pleased @charleyb . It is great to get to the stage where the next plan is for increased strength and fitness. Hope you both enjoy the challenge. :x::x:


Thankyou so much, today he has a new bounce to his step!! He posted on facebook about his journey something that he never wanted to do, but he is proud of everything he has achieved and rightly so. Yesterday he had his port removed, he has been wanting it removed for a while now, so all in all yesterday was a very good day!
Love to you all, this forum is just amazing and there are so many incredible stories from incredible people, keep on keeping on :) :x::x::x::x::x:

terri m

Hi @charleyb.. So very pkeased to hear your good news xxxxx 😘


Fantastic :x::x:


@charleyb that is just the best news - so pleased for you all :x::x::x::x:


Excellent news, we all need this sort of news.


@charleyb , great news, so happy for you. Wow :x::x:


OMG that’s amazing news @charleyb . It’s great for morale to have stories like this so thanks for sharing! Who’d have thought eh, at the beginning of your journey? Now go and have an amazing summer with your lovely boys,

Sarah :x:


#fabulous#amazing#celebrate#hope. :x::x::x:



I was reading my first posts the other day, sometimes i need to remember how far we have come as now a lot of the early days are a blur. Honestly i never thought we would get here, and i certainly had no idea by 10months. I`m enjoying having my husband feeling normal again. We are going to have a lovely three months with our little boys, a couple of holidays and then will discuss reversing his stoma and before we know it the next scan will be approaching :x::x::x:


Brilliant news @charleyb so. Pleased for you and the family. :x::x:


Fantastic news :) I was also given the all clear Week.


Brilliant!! So happy for you @charleyb ! Onwards and upwards! :x:


Just the BEST news, so,so happy for you. Massive hug for all of you :x::x::x::x:

Lady B

Fantastic news!!! @charleyb :x::x: