Stage 4 bowel cancer


Liver Met

After a clear scan in February, Repeat scans now show that “something” in the liver has grown and is now appearing to be cancer spread! It’s gone from 5mm to 11mm in 2 months and they feel RFA The best course of action!
I have fought for surgery, but they feel that as he is already undergoing to massive operations within the year, or if they will suit him best and give him the best opportunity for a maintains lifestyle, together with eradicating this last bit of disease! He will proceed for ablation tomorrow!
I’m so so scared this is it!! Chris on the other hand is fit and well and so positive !! :x:


Sending best wishes for the ablation tomorrow @Fighting4hubs!

Onwards and upwards!



Sending you my very best wishes :x::x::x:

Sarah Morgan

Hope all goes well tomorrow. My husband is having a liver resection tomorrow :x::x::x:


Oh @Fighting4hubs that is a blow but great that they are getting on with it so quickly.
All the very best for the ablation tomorrow!!!
@Sarah Morgan all the best for your hubby too for his resection!
Lots of love Jane :x::x::x:


So sorry about it being back but I bloody love the ‘bring it on!’ ablation tmr - bam! He is so fit and well Like you say etc will be fine and sending hugs :x::x::x::x::x:


@Fighting4hubs We`ve already spoken but you guys have got this!!! Loads of love and positive energy :x::x::x::x:


Good luck with the ablation :x:


Thank you for all the messages, I’ve just read my original message and it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but you get what I was trying to say!
I was feeding little one and she likes to hit phone as I feed her !
I just wish liver surgery was an option! It’s so small! But they say that’s why they’re not operating!! I just want the curative options & feel this is not! :x:


I know @Fighting4hubs it’s so so hard because it feels so unfair especially when so young things aren’t always ‘clean’ as in curative but that’s not to say Chris won’t live for a long time and new treatments come all the time. Lots of love :x::x:


We challenged the Ablation and said how strong and fit he is and one hospital agreed to do it, but did say that after the massive HIPEC in Jan, it was a massive toll to put on his body and his quality of life he’s been having might not be as great & said what if another small one pops up, in a more favourable survival place on the liver (this is T5 and right in the dome) apparently they spent an hour thrashing it out at MDT and the other hospitals MDT both agreed ablation was the way forward!
I think I’ve just gone back to believeing he’s fit and well as that’s how he seems! Fitter than ever before to look at! Lean, tanned, happy! Why oh why did this bastard bit have to be cancer and not benign like they believed it to be!


Hello @Fighting4hubs I have just looked back at your journey What a rough time you both have had ....Then a jolly good break in Australia and now back to another round of treatment
I sincerely wish you both good luck for tomorrow and hope all goes well
Cath. :x::x:


Just to put another perspective in , my hubby had liver resection in July 2017 and had reoccurring lung infections after it due to bile leak . Unfortunately he had to have 6 months off chemo to recover . Unfortunately he had some disease progression whilst on break . This isn’t to scare you but sometimes these big ops can be hard on body . One surgeon said to us a little bit of ablation is better and leave the big surgery until really necessary . I hope a goes well for you guys :x::x::x:

Bear G

Hi @Fighting4hubs
Sorry to hear about the recurrence but it sounds like you’ve got team that are really looking out for your hubby.
I’m curious why you want surgery instead of ablation? I had a lung recurrence last year and had ablation, it was a total success, on CT the scar was exact the size of the met and within a couple of days I was back to fully normal activity.
Please rest assured ablation is a highly effective option.
Big hugs


Hi all, thanks again for the lovely messages and support! I think it’s hard to believe we’re back undergoing treatment after a wonderful 6 weeks off! I guess I’ve read so much about surgery being the best mode of treatment to prevent reoccurance and offering some form of long term remission! The odds of reoccurrence after ablation seem to be high? Although I did bring all these questions at both the Marsden and St Mary’s and both teams said they are in agreement for ablation and there has not been enough case studies to show the comparrison and odds between the two!
Thank you again for messaging and the experiences.


Hi@Fighting4hubs sorry to read about reoccurrence but your in the best hands so wishing the ablation goes well :x::x::x:

terri m

Hi@ fighting4hubs... Sorry to hear of this reocurrence.. If you are really nit satusfied with ablation. Why dont you seek a 2nd opinion, or speak to the colerectal team.. There must be some success stories on this forun regarding liver ablation... Fingers crossed for you both...😘:x::x::x::x:


@Fighting4hubs I'm so sorry to hear about Chris's re-occurance what absolutely crap news after ur holiday from treatment and it all! I'm gutted for you :x:


Hi @Fighting4hubs I know it’s so so so hard as everyone of us, particularly young parents, want to be rid of it, cured, done with it. But sadly, when cancer has spread once diagnosed, there often just isn’t that magic fix to get rid of it. It’s blody unfair, cruel, hideous disease and I hate how my two young ones, so innocent in all this - well you know the rest. But we can think WOW! Years ago, Chris or me for example, wouldn’t have all these options to keep us alive as long as possible. The HIPEC was still a success and who knows, would Chris be here now without having had it? You had fab holiday! Next thing is ablation. That’ll work. And maybe end of year, chemo again. It’s shit, it’s so so so hard but we can live still with advanced cancer. I know so horrible can’t just think WTF! Had enough! especially after big ops like HIPEC but that is the nature of the beast. @Baxter2 said to me she views her fortnightly chemo as a way of life and I take something from that. Not the life any of us wanted with all the side effects and emotional woe cancer brings, but it is still life. Huge love to you all amazing lady :x::x:


@Fighting4hubs I had ablation as well as a liver resection. My surgeon said ablation and more surgery would be in cards if it returns. So hopefully the ablation is successful, it’s a minor op and give him time for body to recover. If it returns then surgery may be an option down the line.
Wishing you all the best’ :x:


I can't get my MDT to agree to ablation - they say the tumours in my liver are too extensive for ablation. I was really hoping for that. They are still saying there re no options for me other than peremanent fortnightly chemo, plus all that brings with it. I've now moved on to second line chemo as the liver mets were showing 'mild progression', my tumour markers are still high and nobody is willing to do anything to help me to get from incurable to curable! As @HH79 says above, fortnightly chemo is now a way of life (and to be honest I enjoy the interaction with other people whilst I'm there). I just wish it would all go away though.

Has anyone had their liver tumours treated with Nanoknife?

@Fighting4hubs Hope the ablation works a treat for your husband. :x::x: