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Diagnosis confirmed

Hi all
So my diagnosis was confirmed today, i have a small cancerous thing in my colon. Apparently it looks small and early stage and thank goodness my lungs and liver are clear.

I wouldn't say I am happy, but so relieved things aren't worse. My breathlessness that you all so kindly reassured me about last week turns out to be a partially collapsed lung - phew - which will hopefully be sorted with antibiotics.

I've had 2 colonoscopies, 2x CT scans and will have a further sigmoidoscopy next week, but they also want me to have an MRI before i have the operation. What might this show that the other things don't? Or will it just give a new different viewpoint?

Also the nurse said i may need 6 weeks off work after surgery - is this normal or are they planning for worst case scenario?

Thank you so much :):):)


Hi @Acre71

As you say, that is relatively good news, so well done! Hope you get the lung thing sorted, I bet that confused the specialists (can't have two problems at once!).

The MRI will give a different perspective, for the proposed operation. To be fair 6 weeks is a reasonable/ minimum time off work. Remember that your insides will be thoroughly mangled and a crucial bit removed (not quite sure that is the medical view!). After my op, I was in no significant discomfort but just felt very tired and fragile.

Best wishes :x:


IHello @Acre71
I bet there are a good few folk on here would be very happy with your diagnosis .....but joking apart
You must be shocked to join our club I dont know what Operation you are having but six weeks is at least what you will need to take off
You generally told not to drive at all for six weeks and not to lift anything heavier than a half full kettle
Anyway All the best Keep in touch on here and let us know how you are getting on
Cath :x::x:


Thank you @Lizalou and @KatieR .It has been a scary few weeks not helped by the dreaded Google! I am so thankful things aren't worse when I see what others on this forum have been through.

I don't know what my op is going to entail yet either but thanks for your advice :x::x:


Hi @ Acre71
This all sounds better than you first thought although you still have every right to be apprehensive of what is to come. As has already been said it will be 6 weeks before you can drive and, although wanting to get back to normal is very commendable, you also need to give your body time to recover after the ordeal.
No doubt you will think of loads of questions as the time gets nearer to the op. There are loads of people on here who will be able to give you answers and practical advice. I was told by one wise person that no question is too silly or trivial.
Sending hugs :x::x::x:


Hi @Acre71

This all sounds pretty positive (although obviously not as god news as you would have hoped for) It also sounds like your team are doing everything to gather as much information as possible to inform the treatment plan and surgery. I wouldn't worry too much about your recovery time just now but focus on each step as it comes.

Sending lots of love and best wishes as you move forward



Hi @Acre71, sorry to hear your news but it’s been caught very early so that is great. I had surgery on 16th April 2018 and am only just thinking about a phased entry back to work and not able to drive yet. I thought after week three that I would hopefully be ready after week four - nope! Listen to your body and it will tell you when you ready. MRI scan is for better knowledge. Best of luck and keep us posted, we can help keep you sane during the process 👍🏻 Alan

mr rusty

Hi @Acre71 You might to read my story. I had a very early cancer diagnosis and all sorted (hopefully) very quickly. With regard going back to work. I had keyhole surgery and was driving and back at work 3 weeks after my op. There was absolutely no reason not to - everything was healing extremely well and all systems normal. OK, I took it easy for several more weeks avoiding lifting, and if your work is manual you will need a bit longer, but you may well be surprised how rapidly it is possible to recover after quite major surgery.


@Acre71 Sorry you have had to join this club but the support you will receive is excellent. A lot of us have went through the same or similar experience as you, you have had good advice so far and all I can really add to that is to wish you the best of luck and hope you recover soon.

Please keep us up-to-date.



@Acre71 Hi there, before I even knew I needed chemo and was booked in for surgery (keyhole right hemicolectomy) my surgeon said I'd need 6 weeks off work. I would imagine that's standard after any surgery. 6 weeks is probably your post op check up when they'll say you're ok :) I'm not medical... just my past experiences of surgery!

Hope all goes well.



Hello everyone and thank you for your wise responses. You have already been so helpful and reassuring to me and Im only on the early stages of my journey. I've read all your stories and am in awe - wishing you all the very best

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