Life with bowel cancer


Hoping for Scan results tomorrow

Chris is going for round 7 of chemo in the morning and hoping they will have recent scan results. If that’s not enough to deal with we had a very traumatic day yesterday. We went for a country walk with our daughter and grandchildren. During the walk our beautiful 4 year old grandson fell from a tree branch. We spent the day in hospital as he has broken his leg! It broke my heart to see him in so much pain and he was so brave. So now 8 weeks in plaster and 3 months in total for recovery. Fortunately they live very close by so we will be on hand as much as we can to help our daughter & S.I.L with him and his baby sister. Trying to keep hopeful for scan results tomorrow, Chris has been really well over the past few days so really trying to be positive. Love to all :x::x:


Hi @ElaineG, so sorry to hear about your traumatic day and hope your Grandson will make a full and quick recovery helped by loads of cuddles from you ☺. Pleased to hear Chris is feeling well and hope you get some positive news with his scan results. Thinking of you both, love Lyn :x::x::x:


Hope today goes well @ElaineG

So sorry to hear about your grandson, but please don't worry, children cope very well with broken limbs, much better than adults (my son went on a school trip on a ferry to the War Trenches, with a broken leg and crutches!)


Thanks both for your supportive, upbeat messages. Amazing Lizalou that your son was able to make that trip.
We went to The Christie today and we’re given good news - the PET and MRI scans were very positive. The inguinal nodes were not visible and the recital tumour has shrunk significantly. Doctor took the decision to take out the Oxaliplatin today due to neuropathy in fingers and feet. So Chris just had the pump attached for 46 hours. An MDT meeting is set for 4th June and we will find out after that what our options are and what is best for Chris. Love to all :x::x:


Good news @ElaineG, everything crossed for you both, I was at the Christie having chemo today? Do you live local too?:x::x:


@ElaineG, just read your profile, yes you do, I live in Altrincham.:x::x:


Hi @Clancy thanks for your reply. Yes I’m in Cheadle Hulme so not far from you. I read your profile and I see that you are having a very tough journey. I hope things pick up for you soon. :x::x: