Stage 4 bowel cancer


Update on dave

Dave is coming home today still got drain in for liver which he has to measure daily.It was his decision as he so wants to come home. He goes back in 3 weeks. Has anyone else done this? :x:

Sarah Morgan

@daveswife. My husband had a liver resection on May 15 and has been home over a week now, albeit not with a drain. Ian has done so much better since coming home & I’m sure Dave will too. Will you be supported by district nurse visits to keep an eye on the drain? Thinking of you both :x::x::x:


Im assuming nurse visits as he has wound aswell :x:


He we are again....3 weeks after liver resection im struggling to motivate him to move/eat he cant be bothered to talk and nagging stresses him out arghhhhh. :x:


Hi @daveswife sorry that you can’t motivate him much. Is he eating at all? My husband was prescribed ensure drinks, which fortunately he loved, when he was not eating much. In hospital I had to have a mouthful and then he wold have one- just like a child. When he came home I gave him a little and as often as possible- plus the Ensures. Is he drinking?- I don’t mean alcohol! I make sure Nev has sports drinks all the time to make sure he does not become dehydrated. Hope he starts to eat soon. Also, remember to feed and look after yourself in all of this- it is all too easy to forget that. Love Caroline :x::x:


Hi @daveswife well I too can say I know exactly how you feel, I too have had the same with my hubby and I still am, he does require a lot of support in all aspects of daily life, no motivation for life! it is such a tough journey, unfortunately my BGPs slipped off and I actually had to point out to him that the Cancer has had a huge impact on all of us and a few other words were said, god it felt good!! PTSD / mental health and Cancer is just crippling, I wish I could help you!! Sending you lots of love :x::x:


Hes now refusing fortijuice and calogen shots saying they stop him eating!!! At a loss what to do. I take myself outside for a while. Not nice to watch someone struggle just hope we can turn it around.Much love to all :x::x::x:


Hi @daveswife

Glad that you have lots of support and understanding from other is my view as a patient, thinking about my stoma reversal operation which didnt go according to plan....

Everything was a huge effort. I could just about hold things together for the doctors and nurses, but not for my husband.
All food was dreadful, even drinking was too much effort.
Sitting up and moving was too much effort,
Talking was definitely too much effort.

What I needed was someone to take all the effort away.
A miracle worker
A magic wand
A good night 's sleep

What worked for me...
Husband just being there, not talking
Specific foods (the miracle worker will know which ones but try pots of icecream or yoghurt, spicy soup or some other random illogical item that has no apparent nutritional value)
Husband's patience
E mail's, cards etc from friends and family

This has reminded me of all the misery, but I was lucky that my recovery was quick, once I had turned the corner. So lots of best wishes to you both :x::x:


Hi @daveswife - I also gave hubby baby food! :x::x:


Well we ended up in a&e wed eve . Low pottassium in blood and acute kidney infection. Admitted to ward again infusions going on and sees oncologist tomorrow.Dave is so weak so another hurdle to get over but get over it we will. Warriors every one of us Raaaaa.


Oh no @daveswife!

So sorry to read this! Poor Dave and poor you! It really is time you guys got a break huh?

Sending loads of get well wishes and hugs for a speedy recovery!!


Bear G

Hope he’s doing ok @daveswife
He’s a fighter, you both are - raaaaa


I was shocked to hear you were back at the hospital with Dave but maybe if they sort out his blood and his kidneys he might just feel a lot better and turn the proverbial corner .....
You @daveswife must try and get some rest whilst he is being looked after in hospital
Cath :x::x:


Thanks guys hes feeling much better today after kidney flush and treatment. Hes fancying certain foods yippee! Its great having you all to tell. Much love and healing to all. Xoh he also has chest infection arghhhh


Hello it was not uncommon for people living locally to be allowed home with a drain post liver operation. I lived some way from home but for that I could have gone home. Good luck and hope Dave recovers well. 👍😁💕