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I was diagnosed earlier this year, following the screening test.
I had a tumour between the large/small colon junction and the appendix,
and a suspect polyp about halfway along the top of the colon.

Had the op last Friday (25/5) and about half the colon has been removed.
(I now have a semi-colon). Recovery has been good, was allowed home
on Tuesday, and have had very little pain from the op area.

However I've hit bit of a problem; I've had a lot of diahorrea,
which I understand is quite normal, but its making
my rear passage very sore. any suggestions for creams etc
to relieve the soreness would be appreciated.



@brunel Hello and welcome to the forum. Sounds like you had a similar operation to me. I havent had much diahorrea post op, however I remember the colonoscopy prep was a nightmare for me. During that period I found the wet wipes and a tub of sudocrem worked wonders for me.

Hope that helps and take care.



Hi @brunel , My husband found Vaseline helped, also as already suggested wet wipes ,
Goos luck and a speedy recovery :x::x:


@brunel , Sudocream and plenty of it! :x::x:


Hi @brunel. I was given Sorbaderm cream in hospital, tried others when I got home but found none were as good, so now have it on pres from GP :x::x:


Many thanks for the quick responses.
My wife went shopping this afternoon
so I asked her to get some Sudocream,
will try that first and see how I get on.


Hi @brunel welcome to the forum. Looks like you have some good advice already on creams. Glad to hear your operation went well.


Hello @brunel I believe they prescribe Loperamide for diarrhoea but you must check with your Doctor above it what you can take
Cath :x::x:


Thank you for all your help and advice.
I am pleased to say things have settled
down now, the diarrhoea has stopped,
and the soreness in the back passage has
more or less gone thanks to Sudacrem.
The only minor problem I have now is
itching around my bellybutton where the
top of the cut is, but that's probably just
where it's healing , but no doubt that will
soon stop.


Hi @brunel and another welcome to the forum from me!

Glad things have settled a bit and you're feeling more comfortable.



Hi @brunel - you will find this forum so very very helpful with whatever question you ask. 7 weeks down the road for me since my op, and the scar near the belly button still itches - I think it is where the join is the tightest.


Once all the scabs have gone use bio oil this should help the scar but the scabs do need to go first.

George :x:


I had my 1st dose of oxalyplatin today.
The only real problem I've had so far is
pins and needles in my arm.
When it started, the nurse reduced
the pump rate which helped a bit
but of course that meant it took
an hour longer to run it all through.
The numbness is gradually going but
I must remember next time to have it
in my right arm; I'm left handed and
my fingers aren't quite going where
I want them too. I'm starting the tablets
his evening, apparently the side effects s
(if any) may take a couple of days to kick in


Me again.
Has anyone experienced their jaw aching when first biting on food.
It only happens with the first bite, after that its ok; strange!


Hello @brunel when I was on Oxy I had issues with my jaw and throat spasms which made swallowing the tablets tricky. Hope you are feeling ok.
Best wishes :x:


Yes! I certainly had the first bite problems to begin with on Folfox but found massaging my jaw bone stopped it. I had the Oxy reduced by 25% and don’t have any problem now.


Thanks for the replies, they're reassuring.
I'd been told about the throat spasms, but
wasn't expecting the jaw to be affected


Yes @brunel I'd the first bite jaw spasm too on oxaliplatin. It was only for the first few days each cycle and I got used to just pausing till it passed.