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Hi all i just joined after hearing about this site from my husbands palliative care he has terminal bowel cancer he was told this in march 2017 and said he had about 12 month but he has passed that time he still going good he has had a few blood transfusion but now he is losing weight and he eats very litte he just says he dont feel hungy and he has starting to pass blood is that normal as hard to know as he see no dr just the palliative care nurse every few weeks she did say when he gets worse she will be here more often sorry if i have put the wrong thing up on here but was good to ask some one

Lady GT

Hello there @ann1957
Welcome to the forum which I hope you'll find useful and supportive. You certainly haven't 'put the wrong thing up' ... there's no such thing on here!

It's good to hear that your husband has been doing well, despite his diagnosis last year.
If things have recently changed, then I think you should ask for an appointment with his oncologist.
This could be something, it could be nothing but you both deserve to know what is causing his symptoms and whether they can be alleviated.

Do let us know how you get on and please continue to post with any other questions you might have.



@ann1957 , I’m so sorry to hear of your husband diagnosis, I agree with the lovely @Lady GT and speak to your team , and have to support you both truly deserve
Lots of love
Tracey :x::x::x:


Hello @ann1957

So sorry that you both are in this miserable situation. Like the others, I would definitely suggest that you get more advice and support. As Lady GT says, an oncologist opinion could be helpful. Also, is your GP aware of the whole situation?

Do look after yourself too. Hope you have friends and family around you for support.

Lots of best wishes to you both :x::x:


thanks for your answers but when they said it was terminal the oncologist said they were taking him off there list as they could do nothing for him our GP had to ask 3 times before they sent out the palliative care nurse to see my husband so we have no one but the palliative care nurse and our own GP to talk to and yes i have my children they are all grown up but they are great help and we talk to them too they know all what is happening