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3 weeks post ileostomy reversal

My husband is literally constantly having bowel movements..up and down all day long. Hates the pads and takes them off when soiled He has short term memory loss and doesn't use a new pad! I am constantly following him to the toilet which he doesn't like!! Is incontinent during sleep. Is this normal at this stage. We are exhausted already. Thankyou.


Hi @abergirl. Sorry to see you're having such problems - it must be distressing and exhausting for both of you. I've attached a link to the booklet that the nurses gave me post reversal.
I had a couple of dodgy nights while in hospital but don't think the antibiotics helped and the rest of the time I was able to control things using my sphincter muscles until I got to the bathroom.
How many loperamide/immodium is your hubby taking? I think you can take up to 8 a day. I also followed a low residue diet for the first few weeks to give things time to settle down.
You could also give the colorectal/stoma nurses a ring for advice - mine assured me that they were still there for me.
Hope things start to settle down
Karen :x:


Thankyou Karen..he takes 6 at the moment. The last few days have been awful..but today he is more in control and it's not literally every few minutes !! Still quite a lot !! His stoma wound is healing well and his weight is stable. One day at a time I guess. I feel better already chatting ☺


Hi @abergirl - sorry I have no experience of this- but understand how exhausted you feel. My husband also has short term memory loss and, untill recently, was unable to empty/change his ileostpmy bags. I found this to be very tiring, but at least it wasn’t constant and during the night. Perhaps have a chat to the Colorectal/stoma nurses as already suggested. I am glad he is starting to improve and hope this continues. Keep us posted, as you say, sometimes just chatting about it helps :x::x::x:


Hello @abergirl - I was experiencing bowel problems after the reversal and it lasted about 4/5 weeks of pretty extreme problems similar to your husband. After that time things started to settle down. I did adjust my meals, small but regular portions. It must be very difficult for you at present but I’m sure things will eventually settle down. God bless, hugs and positive energies coming your way. :x::x:


Thankyou so much.. glad you are doing well Chas.. my hubby is a bit down with it but the trotting can be more spaced out at times now, and he sleeps at night at the mo with no accidents .. fingers crossed ! :x::x::x: