Life with bowel cancer



Hi everyone,
I'm new on this forum and not sure I'm on the right group to ask questions.

Been diagnosed with DukeC bowel cancer in Sep/2015. Had a subtotal laparoscopic colectomy in Nov/2015 and followed by 12 cycles with chemotherapy in Jan/2016. Finished my treatments in Jul/2016 and back to work with part time contract.

The problem is I'm most of the time constipated and therefore, I've to take laxative everyday. My stool is hard despite me eating plenty of fibre and lot of water, 2 litres per day at least. This constipation creates piles for me which I have them banded twice already. At the end I might end up with haemorrhoids operation!
Is there anybody have similar problem like me? Or any advices would be very grateful...

Thank you,