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Biological therapy as a Monotherapy ?

I would be interested to hear if anyone has had Cetuximab/ Panitumumab as a mono therapy , after having initially with chemotherapy (Folfiri). Then needing a chemo break but carrying on with Biologicals alone ? All because of this funding rule of the 4 week break that allegedly exists ( and then you lose the funding ) but does not appear in any official document with NICE or NHS England ?? Any thoughts greatly appreciated :x::x:

Polly 1

Hi @Jane39 I wondered about this too.

Hubby was given Cetuximab alone for one cycle (after a break - on week 5) to keep the funding going while he waited for scan results for possible resection ops.

In the end the resections were cancelled as too small to operate on. The Oncologist put him back straight away on full Folfiri/Cetuximab. He did say he could drop Irinotecan if he wanted but could go back on it in the future.

He is keeping going with everything atm and is due a CT scan next week


Hi @Jane39, Im on panitamumab and my oncologist ensures that i too do not exceed 4 weeks because of the funding rule :x::x:

Bear G

Hi @Jane39
Have you seen this thread from @EmilyS looking for experience of this treatment break? Emily works for the charity and is looking to get input from as many people as possible.
Emily - could you comment on whether the 4-week thing appears on official documents please?


Hi @Wren17 . Just Panitumumab with no chemo ? Hope it’s working well for you . Seems to be for me so far hence concerns about losing funding as I approach my initial planned 12 cycles . Oncologist thinks I need the break from Chemo but hinted continuing with biological..... but after the booked scan I’ll be pushing towards this 4 week nonsense ! Similar to @Polly 1 on the other thread .... thank polly .
Hi @Bear G . Yes , I think @EmilyS post was instigated by me as I asked @Charlotte Nurse Advisor and she is looking for evidence .... the funding rule seems to be common knowledge on the forum but no evidence on NICE etc and not sure Charlotte has found amy either . Working for the NHS all my life .... I need evidence !!!!!! Thanks for your reply as always :x::x::x:


@ Wren17. Hi, I am just diagnosed and so learning fast - what is the 4 week/ funding rule? Thanks

Quote from @Wren17:
Hi @Jane39, Im on panitamumab and my oncologist ensures that i too do not exceed 4 weeks because of the funding rule

Polly 1

Hi @Sean I read on another post that you got your Cetuximab funding back after a break - brilliant 😊

Was it a hard struggle to get it back?


@Polly 1 yup, got mine back for the second time now. Just ask your team too. There is an un-nerving amount of people not doing cetuximab when it can be available to them.

Polly 1

Thanks @Sean are you having it on its own or with one of the others?

My husband is on Folfiri/Cetuximab (just had no 18 ) but has been told any gap longer than 4 weeks after the 2 week cycle and he loses NHS funding. It was touch and go up to a potential liver resection in March that wasnt needed in the end.