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Scan results how long

I've had my routine scan. Yes I'm anxious however how long should we be waiting for results. My Cea tests take 3 weeks plus. My scan results I'm waiting for now last time it was over a fortnight and I had to chase them. It this normal?


Hi my husband had scan on Tues and has just been told to ring in end of next week and they should have results by then.


Should be about a week usually good luck 💜

Polly 1

CT and MRI scan reports here in Shropshire usually take about 3 weeks.

As they are short staffed at the moment I was told that it could take 6 weeks to get the results for hubby's CT scan next week!


I had to wait 3wks for my last scan results @tisme I was told due to holidays and lack of radiologists!
Good luck, I really hope it is a good one for you :x::x: