Stage 4 bowel cancer

lorraine grant

Now it’s stage 4. Bugger me!

Sorry for the rude language but when I saw the surgeon a couple of weeks ago he suggested the rectal tumour was stage 3 but wanted the liver scanned again. Saw the lovely oncologist this afternoon and there are two very small bits in my liver, one at the top one at the other end. Chemo starts on Tuesday. The chemo is xelox and would you know my oncologist is one of the guys who developed it about 15 years ago. I feel I’m in good hands. I didn’t ask what the prognosis was as I know it all depends on response to treatment. I’m shell shocked and weepy but currently still angry and fiesty. Who knew a wee head could multitask to that extent? Bring it on!


Oh I'm sorry to read your latest news @lorraine grant

I can only imagine how you're feeling right now. It does sound that the plan is in place for your chemo next week so that may make you feel better knowing that something is being done to kill of those nasties! Lots of us have had liver surgery too and other procedures to deal with the little b*****s! It sounds like you've got a great attitude to all of this and are all ready for action!

I'm sure your emotions will be up and down in the coming days and weeks but remember, we're all here and can lend a virtual listening ear anytime.

Lots of love and strength,



Hi @lorraine grant, I do hope that you feel comforted to know that you are in good hands. As @Baxter2 has said plenty of us have had, and still have Liver mets. Many of our lovely forumites are unstoppable! And by that I mean still embracing life, globe trotting, moving house,looking after young families, fund raising, babysitting the grandkids, and some are still working. It is a shock to the system. The thing that has helped me is to not make cancer the centre of my life, and I have never asked prognosis because I don't want to put a time limit on my life. Head in the sand all the way.
Bring it on as you say and do keep in touch.:x::x:

lorraine grant

Thanks folks! I’ve got great friends and family and they are propping me up just now. Going to a retirement bbq tomorrow whether I look like crap or not! I hear bloodshot eyes are all the rage this summer! I think I feel so bad as just not ready to pop off yet so I don’t plan on doing that any time soon, or even in the next 20 years. The oncologist said to put my Antarctica trip on hold as a post treatment treat. So that’s either November 2019 or Jan 2020. I’ll be on that blasted boat if it’s the last thing I do, which of course it won’t be!! I have big plans to conquer the world. Well maybe wee bits of it to start off with! I’ll be here to draw in your positive vibes and I wish you all well in your recovery journeys too. Group effort! Power to the people! :)


Hi @lorraine grant so sorry to hear your news today but as @Baxter2 said the plan is in place and starting quickly. Keep hanging on to your ‘angry and feisty’ side. Sending hugs :x::x:


Hello @lorraine grant . I am also sorry to hear your news but as others have said treatment is starting very soon helping you get fit to embark on your Antarctica trip. Having close family and friends will also help you cope . Thinking of you. Keep in touch! :x::x::x:


Hello @lorraine grant . Equally very sorry to read your post, glad that you have got confidence in your oncologist and treatment plan in place. Like you I had to wait a full year to have a recent break, but fingers crossed they'll get you to a good place and operable if needed. I've had liver and peritoneal mets and there is a lot can be done for the liver these days. We all know how you feel!

Good luck and positive healing :x::x::x:

lorraine grant

Hi there.thanks for the message. I appreciate all the support here and I feel slightly less Ali g but the fear of the unknown is incredibly hard. Im beside myself with worry while trying to be funny and put on a brave face. It’s hell on earth.