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Last Chemo

Today Chris had his last chemo session, 8 in total. He didnt want to ring the bell as he’s been there, done that, bought the t shirt previously and there was recurrence. He now feels reluctant to celebrate. The oncologist is pleased with how treatment has gone though. So now we wait to see the consultant to discuss what’s next. Surgery is highly likely now to remove the rectal tumour but not sure about the groin nodes. These were not visible on latest scans but we still feel they may reappear down the line.
Does anyone know how long after chemo ends surgery can go ahead? Chris needs some dental treatment but was advised by Christie nurses today to leave it for at least 6 weeks from a raised chance of infection and bleeding. Would this be the same from a surgery perspective?
Sorry if I’ve rambled a bit, it’s been a long day :x::x:


Hi @ElaineG I am having chemo prior to liver resection and my onco said this week that it would be a 4 - 6 week break before surgery, depending on how quickly my body ( bloods) recover. I'm hoping to have a lung resection after that which he again said 4 - 6 weeks, so I guess it's when they think you'll be strong enough to recover from the surgery. Not sure that helps, but hope Chris is able to get his surgery and that the groin nodes have gone for good. Paula :x::x::x::x::x:


Hi @ElaineG

All sounding positive (again!) I can understand your reluctance to 'celebrate' but things are definitely looking up for Chris I'm sure! As @Polly68 says, it's often about 6 weeks prior to surgery and certainly, that's what I had to do prior to my liver resection. I think it depends on the drugs you're on as Cetuximab, for example, means healing may be slower so the 6 week break.

Hopefully you can have all your questions ready and addressed during the consultation with the oncologist soon.

Sending lots of love and very best wishes,



Hi @ElaineG I was advised 8 weeks due to being on Avastin for the Hipec op at Christies. Typically think it’s 6 weeks but additional weeks due to the Avastin drug. Enjoy the chemo break. Good luck with next steps Bridget :x::x:


Hi @Bridget55 @Polly68 @Baxter2
Thanks so much for your responses. Chris’s drugs were oxaliplatin and Fluoricil. He’s been very energised today, gym then gardening. He’s now having a well deserved nap. We have just had the consultant appointment through for 26th June, we were hoping it would be earlier than that as we’d like to sneak in another holiday soon if surgery is going to happen. Best wishes to you all, enjoy your weekend :x::x: