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Ct results

Well Geoff’s results can back, I wasn’t here when they rang , so a little confused,
In Geoff’s words no sign of cancer , inflammation on top lobe of lung???
Thinks they said left, and a small lump on stoma area , ?? a small hernia!!
I’m worried sick about inflammation on lung , but not really told what , I would of asked but , we are off on holiday in the morning so will try not to think about and will have to ring when I’m back , any suggestions gratefully received,
Lots of love


@sweetcheeks , I’m no doctor, but Dr Google says inflammation on the lung is usually caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi, so could have been caused by a chest infection?

As for small lump on stoma area, my guess is as good as yours. A skin tag maybe?

But “no sign of cancer” sounds wonderful!

Have a great holiday.



Thanks @Jenny101 , I must admit I turned to dreaded google after the amount of times I’ve told be to avoid it 😂
Geoff’s stoma was reversed 7 months ago , so visual sign of lump so assuming it internal :x::x::x::x:


Enjoy your holiday @sweetcheeks, the stomach lump could just be keloid scarring, I have one at the port site. The inflammation could be anything, we are deep into hayfever season. The cancer free message is fantastic I am so happy for you.:x::x:


"No sign of cancer"and "holiday in the morning" = fantastic!!!!

Go and enjoy yourselves and keep those heads buried deeply in that holiday sand! Brilliant news I'd say!

Lots of love,



@sweetcheeks I haven't got any suggestions apart from go and enjoy your holiday and celebrate the fantastic news that there is no sign of cancer. :x::x::x:


Hi @sweetcheeks . That sounds like good news to me! Have a great holiday. :x::x:


@sweetcheeks could you email your colorectal nurse/s to clarify the results?


Hadn’t thought of that will see what I can find @jamtart


Eurghhh @sweetcheeks i hate new info!!! But like others have said they said no evidence of cancer, thats the main thing!! Inflammation of the lung could be anything, if he had a cold or a cough, and the lump at stoma site is most likely scar tissue. Like said above, email the nurse, list all your questions, i`m better when i write it down anyway as i always forget what i need or wanted to ask. Big hugs and go enjoy that holiday!!! :x::x::x:


Hi @sweetcheeks my scan in January showed ‘a spot’ which was felt to be caused by infection. Three months later another scan and spot gone, told definitely infection. Apprantly these spots are very common. Enjoy your holiday! God bless :x::x:


Have a great no fantastic holiday a large wine and chill and enjoy.
Don't forget the sun cream.

George :x: