Stage 4 bowel cancer



Out of interest those of you who have a blood transfusion, did your temperature rise initially? How long...if ever (!) did you begin feel the benefits?
Thank you lovely people

El Ivan

Hi @Regalo I’ve had a couple of transfusions during and after liver surgery. As far as I’m aware my temperature didn’t spike above what was considered within acceptable limits at the time. I think the benefits were that I needed it! 😃:x:


Good morning @Regalo

I've had a couple of blood transfusions and not aware of a rise in temp from what I can remember. One was in theatre during Cytoreduction surgery and HIPEC and the other was a good few days after. I can distinctly remember the one on the ward as the benefits were felt by me almost immediately and colour returned to my cheeks too!


P.s. not sure how much I had in theatre but I had 2 units in ward.


Hi @Regalo

Just before my op last year I had a blood transfusion.... 3 units if I remember correctly. I felt the benefits straight away. When I got home I could climb my stairs without being breathless. I felt like Popye had had his spinach! (I had a blood count of 6 before it) . My surgeon said it takes 2/3 days for full benefits.

Lynne :x:


Thanks everyone....think I was unlucky and had no lovely positive effects. Hey ho!