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5k Race for Life run in Salisbury today

Just heard from my son that my daughter-in-law and 12 year old grand-daughter are running today - what great news, so thought I would share it - will post some photos later.



Hope you all had a good day @Elmac and look forward to the photos!


Marvellous @Elmac that is such a lovely positive, generous and wonderful gesture. Well done them! :)


My daughter put her knee out on the morning and so didn't run, and my grand-daughter wouldn't run without her, but my son is doing the 10k run next Sunday


Aww, what a shame @Elmac! I hope she's feeling a bit more comfortable now?

Good luck for your sons 10k run next Sunday!!

Hope you're doing ok? Just started a HUGE challenge of knitting a shawl so hoping you can help if I run into problems 😱 when's your next trip up to Scotland?

Lots of love,