Stage 4 bowel cancer


Not a good start

Adam had loop ileostomy on 14th May, (wedding Anniversary) was sent home after 2 days, as was doing very well. Two days later I had to call an ambulance and he was taken to a larger hospital near us. After four long weeks he’s had to have another surgery to redo the stoma. This has all had a huge effect on him and is now weak and I’m worried about how well he will be to start chemo. Also can I ask at what point do you get help with attendance allowance, I have asked the cr nurse and she said she would refer us but heard nothing. Very scared about nursing him when he comes home.


Hello @JudyN Really sorry to hear that Adam has had to go through so much. With regard to being ready to do chemo I hope your medical team will be able to reassure. I took time to recover from my surgery due to infection but was still able to start chemo after 3 months. I am not sure about attendance allowance but I would strongly recommend the Macmillan welfare advice team. They will help in applications for relevant support. They offer drop in sessions in my hospital so you could check if there is a face to face service near you but if not there is a national phone line.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery


Hello and thank you@WendySue for your reply......Adam was much better today when I visited him in hospital today, looking to return home next week, hoping this is a turning point :x::x::x::x:


That is good news @JudyN I think it is as hard for family as it is for the patient in hospital. I found out that my husband had been going home after visiting me after my surgery to cry for hours on end and I had no idea. Once I got home we had daily visits from a community nurse and a stoma nurse so you will have support during recovery.
Take care :x::x:


Hi @JudyN - you need to make sure that you keep your health up as you will be doing lots of running around for a few weeks - my husband has just had his knee replaced and I have been up and down the stairs I don't know how many times this last week! He did the same for me 2 months ago after my surgery for my Stage 4 tumour and i didn't start chemo until last week - now feeling tired all the time but no further side effects - so until your husband comes home from hospital, make sure you get plenty of rest and eat well - as you will need i Glad to hear that Adam is feeling a lot better.
According to Google there is a Macmillan support centre in the Grantham Hospital open Tues to Thurs - so suggest you get in touch with them for all the support you need.


Hello @JudyN so sorry to read about your post regarding Adam and hope that they stabilise him soon with his stoma. I have been through the mill with surgery and it's very challenging to say the least, particularly when it goes wrong.

Can you get any other benefits such as Personal Independence Allowance as I got that straight away as a stage 4 patient, sorry but make it the worst case scenario to get the optimum pay out as it really helps as it paid for my partner to stay off work to look after me through surgery. Although I went back to work post operatively and just awaiting my first six month follow up post mop up chemotherapy.

Anyway you're both in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs and positive healing :x: