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Bereavement topic on forum

Hi, I don’t know if anyone else would find this useful but could we have a closed section for people who have been bereaved, I know we have the relative to relative support, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to post on that, that section has been a huge help to me and I’ve been a regular poster, but I’m very aware that there are partners and family members who may not want to deal with the aftermath and also that there are a few of us in this section who have recently lost someone who may benefit from speaking to someone on here that we already feel we know that is going through the same things :x:

Sarah Staff (Support and Information)

@dedicated to dom
Thank you for your post and it is something that we have discussed internally. We are due to go live with our rebrand over the next couple of months, so it's possibly something that can be looked at. Have you looked at Cruse, which is the charity that we signpost people to, who have suffered a bereavement.
Hope this helps a little! Sarah :x:


Hello @dedicated to dom

So sorry to read your post about mourning and distress after losing a loved one, and cruse are very good at supporting bereaved family and friends.

I'll keep praying for those here and those passed on the forum too.

Kindest regards and positive healing :x:


@dedicated to dom , what a thoughtful suggestion, and such a good idea , too be thinking of others especially how you must be feeling,
Lots of love


Hi @dedicated to dom I just wanted to add my support to your suggestion as an option that might complement the excellent service offered by Cruse as @GD62 and @"Sarah-support and information" have recommended. Thanks for suggesting it.
Wendy :x::x:


@dedicated to dom , @"Sarah-support and information" - I think this is a very good idea. Yes there are other bereavement support forums but we have built valuable relationships on here and it would be nice to communicate with them and not have to start from scratch with another group.


Can I add my support to @dedicated to dom's suggestion. I personally found that it wasn't a time to seek to build new relationships online - the comfort and companionship of those who have shared the journey over months / years and don't need to have it all explained to would be very welcome. It doesn't feel appropriate to post on the relatives' section about the onward journey alone.


Yes, @dedicated to dom, I also think it's a good idea, for the reasons already mentioned.


@dedicated to dom

You have my full support for this suggestion too. I think this would be a very worthwhile addition. I do think it would be good to allow other form members access to the topic however should they wish to offer their support. I don't think it's ideal to be a 'closed' group but others opinions may differ on this.

Sending all my love to you all as you move forward with your lives.



@dedicated to dom I also think it’s a really good idea. I will always be greaful for the friendship, love & support given to me from the relative to relative section on the forum - you ladies got me through the hard times !

Love to you all :x::x::x::x:

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I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling this way, I did look at cruse, and I was given numbers to ring, but I hate using the phone, I feel I can get more out writing if that makes sense, and as previously stated a lot of us on here have been through the whole journey together and have given each other valuable support and I feel this is the time when we probably need it the most and there’s nowhere appropriate to write.
@Baxter2 I suggested a closed group as wasn’t sure people still on the journey either with cancer or supporting someone would want to read about it, I know my husband spent a lot of time worrying about how I’d cope practically and emotionally afterwards and it would have probably upset him reading about others as he would then worry more about me, but then everyone is different and I guess it would be up to the individual if they chose to read it.
Sending much love to everyone :x:


I think it's a good idea to have an 'open' topic @dedicated to dom and as you rightly say, it's up to individuals whether they wish to read posts or not.

Sadly, whether we like it or not, possible death is part of this horrible cancer and something we can't always shy away from. I think it is less isolating for the individuals affected if we all stick together rather than have a closed group for only those who have been bereaved. I understand others will have differing views of course.

Hope you have a good day,

Loads of love,



@dedicated to dom @Baxter2 I would prefer an open group and as you say we can choose whether or not to be involved. I don’t tend to read posts under the Life Beyond Cancer, for example, as moving on is not relevant to me but I am glad it is an open topic. I think that a space to explore the difficult issue of bereavement can offer something for all who want this form of support.

Bear G

Thanks again for bringing this up @dedicated to dom , this is something the moderators have raised a few times and as Sarah mentioned, is being looked at by the charity as potentially part of the next update of the forum.
Big hugs