Stage 4 bowel cancer


Oncology appointment and KRAS +ve treatment question

Hello All

Had a consultation with specialist clinical nurse Maria, who is very nice and experienced nurse. She's happy my CEA's have been staying at 1 and 0.5 and I asked her about treatment for KRAS + ve patients and whether I was restricted to folox, folfori and lonsurf.

She said that things were changing at the moment and that newer immunotherapies were available and were being used on KRAS +ve patients. I must admit that was contrary from what I had been reading on the forum, well if it is true then that is certainly good news.

Also, she was not sure that I was due a scan for another six months, but it was up to the consultant and he may well do it just to consolidate the adjuvant therapy and have a reference baseline. I was a bit surprised as I thought just be default that I would get a six monthly CT scan since the liver surgeon said that it would be a good idea to keep a close eye on my liver for the next five years, assuming I last that long?

Any updated information welcome :x::x::x: