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Smoothie recipies for boosting the immune system....?

hi folks

We have got really into the smoothies since buying a new machine, and there was a smoothie bar in Venice run by some young people that was very inspiring.

Anyway, my latest smoothie recipe is spinach, blueberries, strawberries, grapes and almond milk and wanted to get your advice on smoothie recipes too.

Lots of love xxx


Yum yum @GD62 would love a glass please! :x::x:


I make hubby almond milk , banana , half an avocado , peanut butter and matcha green tea powder . But I’m trying to maintain his weight . I do lots of juices though too . Yours sounds lovely :x:


I have started juicing again with an emphasis on greens. Doesn't always taste nice but I open the hatch and tell myself it's good medicine.
I found smoothies very heavy (but very nice!) whereas with juicing I feel you get the goodness without feeling bulky afterwards especially if you are post op.


Hi @Trunky @Ange1974 @Chas

I got the spinach from the smoothie bar in Venice with fruit, almond milk was from someone on the forum. Anyway veggie is to give it some balance, but when I want to cheer myself up I have a full fruit smoothie.

Thanks guys happy juicing :x::x::x:


Thanks @Tiffany like the green tea as one of my bases, variety is the spice of life :x::x::x:

Bear G

Just to say if you’re on active treatment it’s a good idea to check with your oncologist before big diet changes. My oncologist discouraged me from going to a green diet as that could potentially affect the efficacy of my chemo.
Worth a chat with your doc before going into the smoothies and supplements, just to play safe.
Big hugs


Hi @GD62

I absolutely loved the smoothies I made but found my digestive system couldn't cope with them and need to spend a lot of time at home (near loo) Delicious though!



Mmmm....@Baxter2 @Bear G will ask at clinic tomorrow about smoothies ... stoma nurse encouraged me to eat as balanced a diet as possible so will get second opinion..thanks :)


Asked cancer nurse at clinic today and she said as long as the fruit and vegetables are thoroughly washed no problem and said vitamins a,c,e were good for boosting immune system and should not be a problem with chemotherapy. Any thoughts :x:

Bear G

Good you’ve been able to get that confirmed @GD62 .
I do think the advice is hugely variable at the moment, would be great to see more consistency but in the meantime it really looks like it depends on our doctors opinion!