Stage 4 bowel cancer


More chemo

Hi everyone had first chemo of this session today am down for 12 but will be scanned after 6 to assess liver n bowel .nurse who looked after me was lovely talked to me n hubby loads and lots good for wellness day and wig s and possibly freebies I was told before freebies were only for breast cancer patients.its palliative care not curative but that can go on long time if surgery not possible . busy day lots take in :x::x:


Hi @tigercub hope your chemotherapy session went well....:x:

Lots of hugs and positive healing to you both :x::x::x:


Hi GD62
Yes it was ok .had it straight in vein in hand no problems so may not go for picc line . advise no swimming obviously public pools full of filth .was strange signing consent form and having to see it written as palliative but nurse was lovely and explain a lot and lot positive thinking etc .no tingling hands n throat like last times so that's good .hope your doing well :x::x:


Good morning @tigercub,

I'm glad your chemo session went well yesterday. Please don't get hung up about the 'P' word! Lots of us avoid that term and remember, palliative 'treatment' is different from 'palliative care'.
Many of us prefer the term 'maintenance chemo' , me included!

Hope you have a good day,

Lots of love,



Hi. Baxter2 thanks .yes I think I prefer word maintenance than palliative docs have spoken about that before .nurse was lovely gave us lots advice and as advised not go swimming can paddle etc will have to explore inland of UK bit more we have lovly places I never been to as I'm loving beach .lots love ❤️❤️