Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Anyone done the Focus4 trial?

I’ve been offered this trial (subject to scan& bloods) and wondering if anyone has experience to share?


Sorry @DMR700 not heard of it, maybe @david watt is the resident clinical trial expert could help you out on this one. Anyway hope you get accepted and it all goes well.

Hugs and positive healing :x::x::x:

david watt

Sorry not heard anything about it, google might give some information.


I've just briefly googled it @DMR700

It looks like it's involving Capecitabine and aspirin and available widely across the country? Lots available to read about it online certainly. Interesting!

Hope you're doing ok?

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Hi @DMR700 l don’t have direct experience but I follow the blog of a fellow patient in Wales who I think did do this trial at Velindre hospital in Cardiff. He writes under so you may be able to make contact through that link.

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Tagging @nurses for their expert input


I'm currently on this trial, arm C. I had genetic testing on biopsy material which showed I was eligible then a scan. Been on the tablets for 3 months now and still stable. I'd like to find others on the trial but no luck so far...