Stage 4 bowel cancer


Turmeric ans Curcumin

Anyone on this site had any success with Curcumin supplements? I am aware of the bioavailability issues and which types are best but does anyone on this site feel that their symptoms improved as a result of taking it? Thanks.


Hi @ShirleyF I take a 600mg with black pepper capsule a day along with an 85mg aspirin and have done so since my reoccurrence in Sept 2015. Unfortunately I cant comment on symptoms so cannot comment on whether its worthwhile or not


Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. That is very helpful. Cheers.

Bear G

Hi @ShirleyF
I’ve read a lot of interesting stuff about turmeric, it seems like a good supplement, but please be aware it does interact with some medicines.
If your husband is thinking about using while he’s on treatment it’s a good idea to check with his oncologist or the hospital pharmacy first, just to be safe.
Big hugs


Hi @ShirleyF I take a 600mg capsule Tumeric/Curcumin daily and have done for a while together with a vitamin D supplement as well. I don’t know how they impact on side effects etc....Oh I also take apricot kernels and CBD oil as well. Hope this helps you. I guess my next scan results (which are in two days time) will be an indicator as to whether these measures are helping or not.


My personal beliefs are that taken over many years yes there could be beneficial but taken shortly after finding out news not sure and could have effects on the drugs, chemo etc.

My wife creams her face with Nivea every morning and night all her life doesn't mean she will wake up with less laughter line on her face or more beautiful lol.

It's my opinion only sorry if that offends anyone.

George :x::x:


Hi @ShirleyF - We have been taking Tumeric and black pepper for years - ever since my husband had to have his left knee replaced 6 years ago - he has just had his right one done 2 weeks ago - and for arthritis it seems to have kept it at bay. With regards to cancer treatment, haven't a clue but I have continued taking it and am just at the end of my 1st cycle of chemo with 3 more to go!