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Red flushed cheeks


I had my chemo yesterday IV Oxaliplatin I've woken up with red flushed cheeks looks a bit like sunburn is this normal?

I've got the numb tingling fingers but I was expecting that one.


Polly 1

Hi @akkers82 are you on dexamethasone steroids? That always gives my husband VERY red cheeks!

All the best :x::x:


yes I am

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I guess that'll be it then. It always happens when C has his dexys 😕

Keep taking your temperature as well


Good morning @akkers82 and @Polly 1

I get the same in the days after chemo but hadn't realised it was the steroids causing it! Thank you for the insight!

Hope you have a good day all!



I got a red face (and red, sore hands) just on 5fu.

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Well that's what we were told @Baxter2 - you can read about it if you Google steroid flush. C's face always flushes within a few minutes of taking his 'after chemo' dexys tablets days 1 to 4.
Trouble is now he's on Cetuximab/Folfiri his face gets really, really red from the chemo as well. Yesterday (day 6) his face was bright red and really painful to touch but thank goodness it has calmed down a bit this morning.


Thank you for the info @Polly 1! I had just put it down to the chemo in general I.e. Cetuximab and Folfiri. It makes sense though as mine calms down during the steroid crash when default ' Cetuximab face' shows! 😂😂


That explains it to me too !! :x::x:


Hi @akkers82 Me too I get a face and neck for a few days due to dexamethasone my hubby says I look like a red indian like in the old films. Strange sense of humour he has :x::x:


@akkers82 I'm on FOLFOX and steroids atm and also have the pink cheeks. :x::x:


Yes @akkers82, it's definitely the Dex's midnight runners causing it. I can almost feel the blood racing around me, red face and water retention.:x::x:


Very strangely, I get it on one side of my face sometimes. Extremely sensitive to sunshine as well, so I'm always looking like a red indian. Didn't realise it was the steroids! :x::x:


I had the hot red face on my second cycle, but not first.
For me it responded well to antihistamine.