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Any information would be appreciated


35 year old male here. For the past 14 months I have been getting thin/ pencil thin stools which range from orange in colour to even white some days. Majority of the time they can be floating stools too. I have also just got over my second bout of anemia in the past 12 months and also towards the end of last year I used to wake up in the middle of the night with agonising cramps in both my sides (lasted 6 months but they have stopped now ) I have mentioned this several times to my gp and he has put it down to medication withdrawal as it has been a two year process getting of antidepressants, benzodiazepines and antipsychotics which I was wrongfully put on 15 years ago but that is another story.
Explained everything in full to my doctor in which they have done a basic physical on me for e.g pressing down on my stomach to feel for any lumps then sticking his two fingers where the sun don’t shine. Also mentioned I have lost 3 stone since the start of March but even I am sure that is down to medication withdrawal.
Most likely the doctor is right but, for piece of mind I just wanted to ask if anybody had any of my symptoms and it turned out to be anything else other than bowel cancer as When I type anything on google it always points to the worst.



Hi @ExPrat welcome to the forum. In all honesty whilst it could be related to your meds or a number of things, the most important thing to do is to rule out the serious stuff first. Given the pains and abnormal bowel habits you should push of a colonoscopy. Please please do. Do not allow your doctor to speculate on what it might be or say you’re too young for anything serious.
It’s much more probable it’s nothing serious but don’t take the risk of not being properly examined.


Thanks @sophia , I will try and push for one next time I see him although that was my intention in the first place the doctor seems to think I may not need one


hi @ExPrat t might be controversial for me to say it but he/she doesn’t know your body better than you. If you’re still worried you have every right to insist of further tests. It might require for you to kick up a fuss a bit but insist on speaking to a specialist or get a colonoscopy.


7 GP's thought I had nothing to worry about, and a surgeon but I knew I did. If you worried, you need to follow it up and get a colonoscopy.

I would definitelt push for one. The odds are it will be nothing, but don't let them fob you off.

Good luck,

Jodie :x::x:


Hello @ExPrat I totally agree with other replies Too many young people are being fobbed off by their family doctors and we need to re-educate them as a proportion of them may have Bowel cancer which if caught early enough is very treatable
Cath :x::x:


I agree too. I am 46 and had a missed diagnosis a year ago. I went back to a different GP 8 months later and was taken more seriously and now find myself a regular visitor on this forum :( Sounds like I was lucky that diagnosis was only delayed by 8 months.

If you're worried you should persist, don't be sent away. Good luck.


Hello @ExPrat I agree that you should insist on a colonoscopy which will hopefully rule out anything serious but GP speculation is not appropriate. I first presented with symptoms over 4 years before being rushed in for life-saving removal of most of my bowel and a diagnosis of advanced cancer. I had seen 5 different GPs altogether. Do not be fobbed off as your symptoms need to be investigated thoroughly and fingers crossed you can be reassured.


Thank you everyone for the replies. As soon as I can get an appointment with my doctor I will I will push this as much as I can with them and also mention this forum.


My GP thought I had MS and I was having tests with neurologist for 6months prior to emergency admission with blockage. I had no classic bowel symptoms. So we are all different but we all know our bodies the best. Good luck and take care :x: