Stage 4 bowel cancer


Thanks @Highkaren for posting this very interesting :x:

terri m

Hi @Highkaren. This sounds a very promising develoonent...problem is science discovers all these different treatments , and then you hear nothibg about then again.. Thats because there either too costly. Or nice guidelines wont approve... Lets hope that bowel cancer started having more input into treatments... It always seens to me breast cancer is the first port of call. :x::x::x::x:

terri m

Pss sorry about spellings above.. Texting playing up :x::x::x:


Hi @terri m yes I agree, one reads about these new advances in treatment options, but little seems to change does it. Perhaps NICE will eventually realise that cost alone isn’t everything, effectiveness and performance is the most important criteria. After all looking at global cancer treatment success league tables shows this country is hardly a world leader in cancer care, so there is significant scope for improvement. After all we are the 5th wealthiest country on the planet.