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problem with controlling rectal movements after stoma reversal

I had stoma reversal 4 months ago and until now I cannot pass gas until I lay down on the belly.

Also no matter what I eat all turns into water and I do have multiple accidents day or night.
I do manage to keep my weight but when drinking water movements speed up so fast that pushes out everything that I eat. 30-40 bowel movements are normal for me but very stressful too.

Any help and advice will be appreciated.

medication does not help actually it makes it worse


Hello @jjpp and welcome

This sounds miserable for you. I had a reversal too, but was more or less back to normal after 4 months. It sounds as if dehydration might be a risk so I certainly think you should ask your professionals for more help.

Best wishes


@jjpp , my husband is 7 months post reversal, and still very unpredictable!! Loperamide helps him , so sorry to hear that meds aren’t helping you , the colorectal nurses hopefully are being supportive of you , I wish I could of offer you some helpful advice,
Aparantly an egg a day is good ! But Geoff hasn’t tried it
Good luck


thank you all for your reply


@jjpp, hello, you poor thing. I had a reversal in April 2017 and the first 6 months were very unpredictable. I was having 10-15 movements a day but always ok at night. Have you tried the Fodmap diet? I don’t know much about it but I believe that it can be helpful. As others have said I think you should take advice from the hospital, I know it’s early days but your situation does sound particularly tricky.. I’m not back to normal but just get the odd shock and have accepted that 3-5 movements a day is going to be the norm now. Good luck :x::x::x: