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I am one month in from my bowel resection and thanks to early diagnosis I am happy to report that I am now cancer free. My recovery has been a bit of a nightmare and I am hoping for some advice. I experience episodes of extreme fatigue and lightheadedness which scare me then send me into anxiety attacks. Sleep and rest don't help only copious amounts of sugar ie Lucozade and Rowntrees fruit pastilles among other things. Does anyone else have this experience and if so how do you deal with it?


Hi @jagbag. I think the 1st thing would be to talk to your specialist nurse or GP, just for reassurance. I have no medical background but I realise that the need for sugar is not right. Having said that, it is important not to get dehydrated and my stoma care nurse advised sugary drinks to help that (with hindsight, proper rehydration drinks might have been better)

Talk to the professionals about this, but in the meantime be patient with yourself. You are going to feel exhausted after a major operation. Try to eat sensibly and make sure you get out in the fresh air for small amounts of exercise every day.

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Hi there I had an ap resection and have a Barbie bum and stoma I have been told.
It was a major operation 10 hours and it will take time to recover but I will.
Yes I get light headed and the legs feel like heavy also I can feel the energy drain away. When I have a shower you would think I climbed mount Everest it hard work but I get on with it also walk twice daily to try and get my legs back again.
Every bit of food tasted like cheesecake but slowly getting some tastes back again but vegetables I used to love, Wholemeal, tea, coffee, and loads of good stuff cannot stand but I eat what I fancy and it's done me ok so far.
We are all different and it will take others longer to get there again but you will it's a matter of rest, eating and time.

Good Luck George :x::x:


Good morning @jagbab and welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry to read of your diagnosis but well done on having had your surgery with great results by the sounds of it!

Your recovery will be about 6 weeks or so I'd think so be kind to yourself! Feeling tired and fatigued is pretty normal I'd say and will take time to improve.

I agree with @Lizalou and think a discussion with your GP or specialist Nurse would be useful since the sugar cravings themselves, may be giving you more problems that they will solve? The lightheadedness may be related to this or could even be a low haeamoglobin/anaemia? Anxiety attacks will feel horrible but are unlikely to cause you any physical harm. I do think an appointment with your GP will help to get to the bottom of all this.

Hopefully you'll let us know how you get on if you can?

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Lucozade is dreadful stuff it is prone to give you a “ sugar rush “ followed by a real slump in energy which makes you crave another sugar rush and on and on You would be better with The isotonic drinks which are much more balanced
I got JOHN some breakfast drinks which he enjoys if he can’t face eating but wants to take his chemo tablets ...
CATH :x::x:


Hi @jagbab , I was constantly on here concerned my husband was so exhausted all the time , 12 months in and though huge improvement Geoff still needs his rest throughout the day , be kind to yourself, probably agree with @KatieR tact lucozade may not be the answer, but if it works for you , I was hoping that a healthy diet would help Geoff but have sort of given up because unfortunately his bowels don’t agree with me , lots of luck
Tracey :x:


Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond. I have spoken to my GP and specialist nurse. My GP told me to eat carbs which I do and my specialist nurse told me to eat often and I do. My fatigue and lightheadedness scares me which sends me into anxiety and sometimes panic. I spend many mornings in tears. I have had the luxury of good health all my life, feeling this unwell is so foreign to me. I am 66 with a healthy bmi. Now I am an emotional mess who eats sugar. I am meeting with my consultant next week, I am hoping he can help me. Sorry for being so pathetic, I know that many of you are faced with much bigger issues than mine and I should be grateful which I truly am. I am also very impatient 😦