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Nodes enlarged chest cavity

Hi everyone. Six weeks after major surgery and being told no chemo necessary as everything was clean T3 NO MO surgeon sent hubby for a CT as he thought he could feel an upper abdomen mass. That turned out to be nothing but two enlarged nodes picked up in chest cavity between lungs. Referred to respiratory and still waiting on appt (4 weeks ago). Meanwhile, cardiologist ordered a lung function test as the heart valve now needs to be done. Hubby passed that so they know the breathlessness is definitely his heart. He now has appt 2 July for a camera to go down and see the size of the valve and the cardiologist has said they may biopsy the nodes. We rang the cancer nurse who said 26 nodes were taken at the op and none of them showed any cancer cells, the ends were clean and no veins or vessels were shown to contain anything which is why no chemo went ahead and chemo is also hard on the heart. I keep thinking no one seems in a hurry to deal with these nodes. Meanwhile hubby has gained a little weight, looks well and is frustrated because he wants to do stuff but his heart is holding him up. Anyone have any opinion please? Hope you are all as well as can be and enjoying the sun! :x::x::x::x:


Hello @patti Great to hear your husband is looking well and wanting to get on with things. The waiting for appointments is really difficult. My only thought would be to push for the biopsy of the nodes as you say this is under consideration but not definite. At least for reassurance it seems it would be important to do this as part of investigation.
Best wishes Wendy :x::x: