Life with bowel cancer


Moviprep - how long before it started working for you?

My last colonoscopy was 3 years ago. I remember drinking the fluid late afternoon then waiting and waiting, thinking it hasn't worked.

I can't now recall how long it took before of course the bloody stuff started working -I seem to recall middle of the night.

I am at work the day I need to start taking it (says 3pm for morning appointment) and although I could leave early, I would need to find someone else to do my shift so how long dare I stay at work?!


Hi @Terrish . It took about 2 hours to work for me - just before I took the second dose. Hope this helps a bit but guessing everyone could be different. Good luck!


Hi @Terrish

All I remember is making a mental note to start a couple of hours earlier next time. So certainly not an immediate reaction, more a case of worrying that it would be too late.
Good luck ! :x:


Mine worked really quickly as I don’t have much of a Bowel left after surgery. I have to say, I wouldn’t dare start the process at work!! Good luck :x::x:


Oh @angepange, I hadn't thought of that! A very important point!


Haha! Good old short Bowel syndrome @Lizalou :x::x: