Stage 4 bowel cancer


Bilogical Therapies Available In Scotland Not In England KRAS positive


Just read the following advice in Scotland for Stage 4 Liver chemotherapy:

In Scotland, you can have Aflibercept together with FOLFIRI chemotherapy (irinotecan, 5-fluorouracil and folinic acid) as a second line treatment if you have already had oxaliplatin.

What are your thoughts?

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This is interesting @GD62 I haven’t heard of this therapy before and pretty certain it isn’t available to patients in Wales either. Will ask my oncologist. Another example of postcode lottery complicated by devolution. Reckon we can learn a lot from Scotland on many fronts e.g walking out in protest during PMQs yesterday but I digress! Thanks for this and going to look into it.


Well, it's a turn around because when I was diagnosed in 2011/12, you could not get any Mabs in Scotland and the BBC back then were campaigning for change in Holyrood and I was approached by them to be used as a test case. I declined because I had been offered other treatment (surgery and chemo).


Well since I'm a Scot and have a flat near my mum. I will wait and see how things progress and register back home, if new folk come into the country get it then I'll exercise my right to go back home and get the treatment. I'm a cheeky sod xxx :)


Maybe @david watt can give his insight as he's very knowledgeable on biological therapy stuff :)

david watt

@GD62 hi no idea 💡 never looked into it. I focus on my own type of cancer and mutations, never really looked much at kras because probably don't have it. I do have a Facebook friend who was cured of kras but she had a high tech American trial. The sort of thing that was reported in the news recently for curing a breast cancer woman. Never been done in UK yet, maybe in the near future such trials might happen here.