Stage 4 bowel cancer


Lines of treatment

Hi, I've also posted this in Ask the nurse, but would also like to know of others understanding and experience of this.

I was just hoping for clarification on what it means by first, second and third lines of treatment. I had FOLFOX as adjuvant chemo, then after lung recurrence I had FOLFIRI. Now after liver recurrence I'm back on FOLFOX for 6 treatments. My onco said this was 2nd line treatment, but my confusion is that it's my 3rd lot of chemo and 2nd go at FOLFOX. Also, if I were to have further recurrence will I be able to have FOLFOX or FOLFIRI again?
TIA Paula :x::x::x::x:


Hi @Polly68 I think when a different treatment comes in, it is a new line. So although you’re 3rd chemo, it’s 2nd line. I think if you then had Folfiri another time afte r Folfox now, still be 2nd line. Hopefully you’ll keep having either / alternative for long time!
At some point, IF IF IF they weren’t working, you might try something else. The one I hear about is Lonsurf. So that would be third line. But years away!!!! Lots love :x::x: