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HIPEC update

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Just wanted to make the forum aware that details from a clinical trial were released in Chicago last Tuesday which demonstrated that the chemotherapy element to the hipec procedure did not improve recurrence rates and therefore may not be necessary as part of the procedure. Not sure how this will be interpreted here but anyone booked in for hipec might want to ask the question.
Also if th chemotherapy part is removed from the procedure will it make it less gruelling and the recovery more manageable and therefore an option for more patients? I suspect not because the peripedectomy itself is quite brutal but who knows.
Anyway just thought I’d share. :x:


Heard the same from my oncologist on Tuesday as I have just been found to have peritoneal mets from my colon tumour removal last July.
He said that although this was what was stated, it is clouded by the fact that if the Index figure is 15 or less, the HIPEC tends to be more successful. It is only when the index is high and more mets are present that the procedure tends to not be successful.
So I am not giving up yet and hoping that I can go through the HIPEC procedure soon.


Absolutely @Chelts oncologists here still need to decide on how to interpret the data and as you say greater consideration is given to the spread. Fingers crossed you’re successful


Thanks for this @sophia

I'm not really surprised by this. Having had CRS and HIPEC, I'm not sure that omitting the heated chemo would make a huge difference to the overall recovery however. It will be interesting to see if anything changes.



Hi interesting article @sophia. :x:


Really interesting article thank you @sophia :x:


No worries @Bridget55 and @HH79 there was a big cancer conference out in the states last week so I’m just going through all the up to date info. Few interesting points. If I see anything else that could impact us I’ll let you know. @Baxter2 I suspect you are correct. I think it’s the peripedectomy itself that is what takes the long recovery time.


Anyway I would prefer the HIPEC element just in case :x::x::x:

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