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Gone but not forgotten!

Well I am so proud how Kenny’s funeral went on Tuesday....the Crematorium was full to capacity with an overspill into waiting area! The Service was beautiful & so personal & said everything about was hard for me but I’m sure he would’ve been proud at so many people being there to say goodbye to him....I have had over 70 Sympathy cards & endless flowers...people have been so kind & supportive to me as the hard part starts...the knowing he’ll never walk through the door again or hear his voice again,I expect to go through all the emotions & I know there will be lots of sad & tearful days ahead but I also have beautiful memories of him & things we did together & no one will ever take them away from me...his favourite saying was go for it as you only get one shot at it & no one knows what’s round the corner...I certainly didn’t! For all you lovely people on here whether you are the patient or relative ,live life to the full & take care of each other & don’t have any regrets...I certainly don’t :x:

Yvonne :x::x:


im so glad the day went as well as possible.. hold on to your beautiful memories.. he will live on in your heart forever :x::x::x:


I’m so glad to read this post @laylib

Take very good care of yourself and know we’re all here for you. May Kenny rest in peace

Loads of love


dedicated to dom

Oh wow I’m so glad it went well and you’ve had so many lovely flowers and cards, it’s so nice knowing he and you are so well thought of, of course I know this doesn’t make it less painful, now you have to live your life as he would have wanted by going for it as you only get one shot at it :x::x:


Oh Yvonne, @laylib, it sounds like a lovely service and you can be rightly proud; both of your lovely man and yourself for going through everything so courageously with him. Look after yourself in the days ahead and hang on to those beautiful memories when everything seems bleak. Sending love to you, Jane :x::x::x:


Look after your self @laylib, it’s hard but memories will help, sending you love & strength :x::x::x:


@laylib - I’m glad to hear the funeral went so well and you’ve had so much kindness and support.
Kenny’s favourite saying is certainly good advice and something we should all strive to aim for.
No regrets as you say!
Look after yourself.


Sounds like you did him proud @laylib. Love his and your advice :x::x::x::x:


Sending my condolences to you at this sad time :x::x::x::x:


Sending love and hugs, stay strong ❤️❤️


What a lovely way to celebrate Kenny's life @laylib. Now is the time to look after yourself, be kind to yourself and try to remember all the good times.

If you feel that it helps, please stay with us all; we are all here to support you and send you our gentle hugs. :x::x:


As @Lizalou said what a wonderful way memorialise and celebrate Kenny's life, peace and love be with him, your family and friends always :x::x::x:


What wise wonderful advice you have given at such a sad time for yourself my thoughts are with you :x::x::x: