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Just to make you laugh -and brighten your day - my husband's medication

My husband had his right knee replaced 2 weeks ago - on leaving hospital they gave him all his medications with the instructions printed on the labels and he followed them religiously - this is his last email to some of his friends .. .. ..

"I started to run low on pain relief drugs on Saturday, so in the light of my discharge papers from the Gatwick Poorhouse, which had been forwarded to my medical practice, I ordered a resupply from there. I met with unexpected resistance though. It seems that the Poorhouse pharmacist had doubled my recommended dosage of Oramorph - liquid morphine, and the trusty GP pharmacist had picked up on it and queried it with my GP. I wondered why it was used up in just four days, but all I thought was that it was making me unusually sleepy and cheerful.

Actually Elaine first guessed that something was amiss when she discovered me wrapped in a black cloth, with arms folded, hanging upside down by my toes from the picture rail, and singing "I Belong to Glasgow" in the middle of the day.
Anyway, all is shipshape now and I can't even recall the words.

Stuart "

PS My comment to this was that if I found puncture wounds on my neck, I would know he had been feeding! :)


Haha @Elmac! 😂😂 never a dull moment in your house by the sounds of it! Hope his recovery is going well? What a pair you are now! Who's looking after who??



Oh @Elmac thanks for putting a good word in for us trusty GP pharmacists, glad he's better now, I belong to Glasgow toon as well.....:x::x::x:


Thanks @Baxter2 and @GD62 - hope you had a good laugh - i did when i first read it and he said i could send it to my friends and I consider all those on this blog site to be my friends!

He had put his knee op off so that he could look after me and the boot is now on the other foot - I have just had to drive him to Gatwick (½ hour) to have his staples removed - he is jubilant that he had 36 holding his knee together and I only had 25 on my stomach zip! I think that is the difference between a private and an NHS hospital!. Saving money on staples!



That did make me smile @Elmac - so glad he (and you) are on the mend :x::x::x:

Bear G

Hi @Elmac
I love your husband’s writing style, fab sense of humour and really made me laugh.
However, I’m really worried that a pharmacist could dispense DOUBLE the dose of a Controlled Drug like morphine. Thankfully no harm done but I do think you should report this to protect other patients in the future.


Hi @Bear G - I think he did mention it when he was at the hospital yesterday - but I was with him when nurse was going through the drugs with him, and she said to take it only when he felt it absolutely necessary - and he just read the label and took it 4 times a day rather than when he really needed it!

Bear G

Thanks for the update @Elmac, glad he's doing so well


I love his emails @Elmac !:x::x: