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Liver biopsy results

Hi Team
I met with the surgeon's team today for the results following my liver resection.
They described it as good news.
The tumour was across 3 parts of my liver and they were able to remove with clear margins. No lymph node involvement (however I believe that there are not many nodes surrounding the liver).
The histology has shown evidence of microscopic vascular invasion to the tissue that was removed.
They could not advise what significance this had clinically.
Is there anything you could advise on in terms of "microscopic vascular invasion "?

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @Trunky,

Apologies for the delayed reply I was away last week.

The term vascular invasion is used to describe cancer cells seen in the near by blood vessels that have been removed along with the cancer. When a primary bowel cancer is removed the surrounding blood vessels that are removed with it are examined for any cancerous cells. This is important in accurately staging the tumour.

In terms of this finding with regards to liver secondaries as your team have advised the significance of this is less clear. As the tumours in your liver are secondaries from the original bowel primary the presence of cancerous cells in either the lymph or blood system is more or less confirmed as that is how the secondaries have developed. That is why chemotherapy is used in conjunction with surgery to try to treat any cancerous cells within the system.

I hope that this explanation is clear but please do get back to me with any further questions.

With kindest regards,



Hi @Charlotte Nurse Advisor
Thanks for this.
The oncologist stated that he would expect this to be the case in terms of secondaries in the liver.
As such he advised that chemotherapy offers little value in terms of overall survival.
They were going to scan me every 6 months but have agreed at my request to now do this 3 monthly. Fingers crossed.