Wellness during and after treatment

Michael Webb


Hi all. Mum had her first round of chemo last Monday. All went well and for a few days she was feeling fine but at the weekend her energy levels just dropped and she is exhausted.

She is struggling to eat and her mouth is full of ulcers, which are not helping.

Her oncologist and a district nurse have said ask her GP for Fortisip as they both said she is going to need them.

She has spoken to her GP this morning who has said she can't prescribe them and she will provide a recipe to make her own version.

I'm just wondering if this is normal and how we go about getting Fortisip or similar from the GP.

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Hi @Michael Webb

Unless things have changed in the last couple of years my brother in law had loads of them on prescription while he needed them so I would have thought you should still be able to get them on NHS.

Get back to the Oncologist asap and ask for a prescription direct from him/her. Try the Onc secretary if you can't get to speak to them. Or contact the chemo unit and ask them what you should do.

I think everybody is playing the game on prescriptions and whose budget it comes out of???


Sorry to hear about your Mum @Michael Webb My Mum was a nurse and she always recommended Ginger Jam or The Ginger balls in syrup if you had mouth ulcers and something that sounds horrendous called ‘ Slippery Elm food ‘ which is lovely and very soothing and easy to eat !
Cath :x::x:

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What chemo is she on @Michael Webb? Was she on Dexamethasone steroids? If so the drop in energy may have coincided with the end of taking those - steroid slump.


Ask for dietician appointment they can get them prescribed. :x:


@Michael Webb My next door neighbour has had bowel cancer surgery and his GP prescribed fortisips without a problem.



@Michael Webb.

Hi there. I can't help with the fortisip but my hubby had bad mouth ulcers. He found some success with Difflam mouth wash and then found if he gargled with salt water after every meal that really helped. I also found he managed to eat things like chicken noodle soup or soft poached eggs or pasta with sauce much easier than having to chew food. Best of luck :x:


I was prescribed Fortijuice by my GP which really helped in my recovery after surgery so don’t understand why you can’t get it. Hope it gets sorted for you @Michael Webb. :x:


Hi @Michael Webb
Like the others, I can't understand why the GP would go against the specialists ' recommendations and think I would be arguing about that on principle!

Having said that, in a similar situation (months of chemo and weight loss, miserably sore mouth) I found that children's milkshakes did the trick. Combined with homemade veg soup or smoothie and probably have most nutritional needs covered.

Best wishes to you both :x::x:


I was prescribed fortisip via my GP without problems.

Can't understand why your GP says they can't do this.