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blood test

my partner is coming to the end of a 5 week chemo/radiotherapy course for locally invasive advanced bowel cancer.. so we are hoping the tumour has shrunk enough to operate.. he had a blood test today.. will this give any indication if the treatment is working?... and has anybody else had good outcomes for the same treatment and staging please?


I don't know about the other bits but yes the bloods will give you an idea. They check cea which is something that bowel cancer tumor excreets. If the levels drop it's usually a sign treatment is working. It's not acurate for everyone though but it's an indicator. They only really know if they scan you. :x: :x: :x: :x:


I had chemo radio and felt fantastic after, I could eat without pain and no longer had constipation. My chemo radio only minimally shrank it but enough to operate, ive just come home 3 days ago after robotic APR surgery. My tumour was 6cm recto stigmoyd and locally advanced, my staging initially was T3N1MO. Im now awaiting news about if/when I will have chemo. I only had normal bloods taken during chemo/radio but had a mri and ct about 9 weeks after, my chemo/radio finished on the 6th march and my op was the 30th may to give you some idea of timescales. If i can help at all give me a shout, take care :x::x::x:


Sorry not APR i meant LAR. :x: