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Holiday booked 🏖️ what about Insurance?

Hi all my knowledgeable friends.
Hubbie & I booked our holiday today to majorca the 25th september. I am still having chemotherapy at the moment. (cape pills only) Due to finish treatment in early august...
We didn't book insurance, has I wanted your advice.😉.. Do I wait until after chemotherapy finishes to get our holiday insurance, or should I get it asap.?? Also any ideas on reasonable insurance companies??. All your advice would be grateful.. Soo excited about this trip.🤗🏖️


@terri m I saw Martin Lewis on TV talking about holiday insurance, his advice was to take out insurance when you booked the holiday, then if anything happened between booking and going you were covered. :x::x::x:


Hi , we used Insurewith for my husband for our upcoming cruise, I booked it when he was on chemo a few months ago as @Polly68 says if we had to cancel for any reasons then we would be covered for the cancellation. Chris :x:


Yes I watched the Martin Lewis (? ? Called the Money Program). too All I know is that you must tell the absolute truth and make sure your insurance includes ‘ repatriation ‘ It can cost a fortune to be flown home in a private jet with all the medical equipment etc
And never rely on a EHIC or whatever an E111 is called nowadays
Cath :x::x:


Hi @terri m if you put travel insurance in the search box you will see there is more information for you. hope this helps have a great holiday


Hi @terri m. Agree with Steves suggestion above. I used allclear insurance who were very good. They paid out in full on a holiday i was due to go on but wasnt quite up to it. :x:


Hi @terri m

I've just been shopping for insurance and like the others mentioned, I took it out 2 days before we booked our holiday to Majorca as that way, I'd be covered if for some reason, I had to cancel. (I also saw a wee bit on Martin Lewis advice and discussion on tv.) It took me hours with some companies just refusing to insure me. Insurancewith were stalling and referring me to their medical underwriters. Still not heard back! I used them previously for a cruise and was very reasonable at £78 or so for us both. I think I must have mentioned something that concerned them 😱

This time I've gone with MIA 'clear 2 go' for £143 for us both for a weeks holiday. I know of some people who travel without cancer cover but I'd never be happy to take that chance especially outside Europe. I'm covered for repatriation if required.

Good luck!



Hi @terri m and all - if you or your husband have ever been a civil servant of any sort - police, teacher etc (my husband worked for Business Link which was a quango but was still accepted) and your are retired then you can join CSPA - Civil Servant's Pension Association and take out their travel insurance which is run by AXA PPP -and covers you world wide - there are no medical histories required - you just have to be mentally fit to travel! If you join before you are 80 you can take the travel insurance each year for life. it costs us £325 pa but it lets us travel to USA without any problems and it is worth that alone. Before we took it out a few years ago, and were going to Australia for more than 30 days, it cost my husband £650 because he has a heart condition and me £35 because at that stage I wasn't in this club of ours.!

Because we are going to Australia in November I renewed my Australian passport and with it came a little booklet on travel, in which it said "it you can't afford insurance, you can't afford to travel"


Have used Eurotunnel for insurance, declared all conditions etc and they gave 12 month cover within europe for me & wife for £79.00


@terri m, check with your bank- we are with Lloyds, and get travel insurance as part of the bank account freebies. They were happy for the cover to cover me as things stood, without charging any extra.


Hi @terri m. I went with Insure with to Thailand but not on active treatment. I booked about 4 weeks before I went. Cost 159.00 for just under 3 weeks. I have a short list of companies. Will send if you are interested. Have a good holiday :x::x::x:


@bexly33 could I please have a list of insurance companies please? We need to start looking for my dad :x:


MIA travel insurance, World First, All Clear Travel, Its so Easy travel insurance, Boots Travel Insurance, InsureCancer, Freedom Travel Insurance, Insure for All and Good to go insurance. Hope these are ok
@bubbaboo. :x::x::x:

terri m

Hi @bexly33 @shazsilverwolf .
I managed to get a good holiday insurance with world first.. £55.38 for s week. That includes all my bowel cancer cover & repatriation insurance too. We were very pleased with this quote... Thank you for your comments.. Enjoy the lovely
weather :x::x::x::x:


Fish insurance have covered me following my surgery and chemo at a competitive price.


@bexly33 thank you v much! We were worried we couldn’t do insurance on him as he is stage4 & on maintenance chemo :x::x:


So I have palliative chemo - stage 4 and I got insurance to florida for two weeks in April for 3 weeks at £141 excess was a £1000. It was though Insurewith

They run through loads of questions

Luck :x: