Stage 4 bowel cancer

david watt

Another stable ctscan

Just seen oncologist and ctscan stable, no new bits and no growth anywhere. She said some more calcification in the lymph nodes, when my immune killer T cells kill cancer cells they seem to cause calcification in the dead cells. Overall I think the side effects are starting to build up after 18 months of immunotherapy, guts and bones don't feel great but don't need any pain killer's yet. I have also persuaded her to make my ctscans every 3 months rather than 9 weeks, as the waiting for results is not good for my nerves, so after every 4 cycles rather than 3 now. Beautiful sunny day here sitting in the park on my walk home from hospital and less than 3 weeks till my 40th birthday 🎂.
Best wishes David


Good to hear this @david watt. Keep enjoying the fine weather and make sure that birthday goes with a swing!

terri m

Pleased to hear your news,@david watt 👍. Hope you have a,great 40th birthday.


Great news @david watt And happy birthday 🍰


Bloody brilliant @david watt , you must be relieved. Hope you have a fabulous birthday, any plans?


Good news @david watt . I pictured you in the park. What are you planning for your birthday?!:x::x:

david watt

Thanks for all of the well wishes and support. Not really into parties, and probably just take my mother to monkey World for the day 😂. Otherwise still in the hope that this treatment will cure me, but will have to wait and see.


Really pleased to hear this @david watt and many happy returns


Awesome news! 👍
Whether it's for your 40th or another great scan result David we all want to hear about some form of a party being organised..or even just a day trip planned with your mother for a bit of sightseeing and a meal!☺


Encouraging news @david watt. Enjoy your 40th birthday celebrations and a fantastic achievement milestone :x:

Quote from @david watt:
Thanks for all of the well wishes and support. Not really into parties, and probably just take my mother to monkey World

As long as you bring her back......😂

Awesome results David, and a really good call on the scan frequency too I think.


Great news @david watt, enjoy your birthday :x::x:


Brilliant news. Bring on 40!!!🎂🍻


Thats brilliant news @david watt :x::x:

Bear G

‘Stable’ is fantastic @david watt , you’re continuing to confound all the stats and doing great!


@david watt that is great news. So pleased for you 😄 Enjoy your 40th and celebrate 🍾🎉 :x::x::x:


Hello @david watt glad to read about your stability and hope you have a good 40th birthday :)