Wellness during and after treatment


Anybody use aromatherapy or essential oils?

Just interested if anybody has used essential oils either during or after completing chemo treatment?

The cetuximab I receive plays havoc with my skin. I am sick of using steroid cream as it thins the skin and causes secondary issues.

So I am keen to try a more natural alternative.

Also looking at using lavender oil in a diffuser to aid a good night's sleep, especially when taking the steroids around treatment.

What are your views or experiences?


Hi @Lee1974 I have used essential oils throughout my treatment I don't have cetuximab due to being KRAS mutant but found skin and nails dried out. I use lavender oil at night use orange or lemon when I need a pick up I use ginger for any niggles and black pepper for cracked skin on hand and feet on my face I use organic argan oil stops my skin from getting dry I wouldn't be without them. Hope this is of some helps :x::x:


@kim74 brilliant, thanks!

Will crack on and see if I notice a difference after the cycle of treatment I had yesterday (32)