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Brain mets

My father has just been diagnosed with two brain mets. He is clear of the primary cancer, clear of the secondary liver mets and was undergoing chemo for 5 lung tumours. He was on third line Lonsurf and doing well having completed 10 cycles.

I can't seem to find very much information as to what to expect with brain mets from bowel cancer.

Would be very grateful for any information. Many thanks.

Jane SH Nurse Advisor

Dear @KHughes
Thank you for your post. How worrying for you!

Brain metastases from colorectal cancer (CRC) are quite rare and treatment of each patient will be focussed on each individual’s specific case.

Please do arrange an early meeting with your father’s Oncologist/ and Colorectal care team to discuss your father’s diagnosis and to explore together all his treatment options and outcomes. I feel reading about it will only cause you more anxiety.

Before your meeting it may be helpful to make a note of all the questions you’d like answers to.

with very best wishes
Jane SH